What is App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization:
How to improve your ranking

What are the basic ASO conditions?

Would you like to bring your app to the front in the App Store? While backlinks or the age of the domain are taken into account in SEO, the following content is important at ASO:

The app title: What is the name of your app? What category does it fall into? Can important market keywords be included in the title?

The description: What the content of the page is for SEO is the description of the app for ASO. When users search for something in the App Store, they use keywords to get the best possible results. Use the most important keywords in your app description to be highly indexed.

The screenshots: If the title and description convinced the user, he clicks on the app. So make sure the app's screenshots are attractively designed. Use a demo video to convince users.

Attention: The Google Play Store allows up to 8 screenshots per localization and a preview video. A graphical functional banner is also asked, which is displayed above the title and icon of the app or anywhere in the Play Store when the app is presented. The video is straight from YouTube and the thumbnail is used as a function graphic.

The Apple Store, on the other hand, allows a custom background of up to 5 screenshots and three videos of 30 seconds each.

The reviews: The app stores rush very heavily on user reviews. Lots of good app reviews will give your app a better starting position.

The number and quality of backlinks: Apps can also be linked. The more websites and other apps link to your app, the more relevant it is classified as.

The number of downloads: The more downloads an app has achieved, the better its quality and reliability are rated.

The engagement factor: The Apple & Google Play Store tracks the engagement of an app. How much time did the user spend in the app? What is the reopening rate? How many purchases have been made in the app? And what are the loading times of the app? All of these points flow into the evaluation of the app.

The icon: The logo of your app can create a context and recognition value. Be creative and keep in mind that you are not just creating an app but a brand as well.

The updates: Regular updates of the app are essential in order to be at the forefront.

So many different ASO criteria have to be met in order to successfully get an app into the top 10 of the suggested apps in the App Store.

Keywords, keywords, keywords

First, think about which keywords are suitable for you. Create additional lists with the related search terms and their search volume. Also, make sure that the keywords are relevant, popular, and not overly competitive. Categories such as fitness and games in particular are highly competitive markets in app marketing; getting into the top 10 here requires a lot of effort and patience.

Also note the difference between the individual app stores: In order to have a keyword indexed, it must appear two to five times in the Google Play description or once in the app title or in the short description.

Speak the language of your users: Write the title or description for real people and their aspects, not for a lexicon.