When we die, we just disappear

15 comforting reasons to stop being afraid of death

We are all going to die. We can't change that. But how we deal with it.

We don't need to be afraid of dying, nor of being dead in itself. Part of our fear is intuitive and programmed into us as a survival instinct. We humans and most other living beings are programmed to survive. Our fear helps us, for example by preventing us from getting into life-threatening situations.

The other major part of our fear, the rational fear, arises from external influences and we talk ourselves into it in the course of our lives. To a large extent, it results from the fact that death has almost completely disappeared from our social life and everyday life.

15 good reasons not to have to fear death anymore

1) Death can free you from pain
“Death means the eradication of all pain, and it is the limit beyond which our sufferings cannot go; he gives us back that state of calm to which we belonged before we were born. "(Seneca)

Death frees you from all your pain and suffering. For many sick people it is a salvation.

2) Anyone can die
Dying is relatively easy. You don't have to be able to do anything for it, you just have to allow it. You don't need a briefing, no permit and you don't even have to buy a ticket. You just have to be in tune with your body and allow death.

3) The body has died before
The cells of our body are constantly dying and are being replaced by new ones. Our entire body renews itself once every seven to ten years.

4) You are dying in this moment now
We all die a little more every second. From birth. You can comfort yourself with the fact that you have already done a certain part of dying.

5) Not living is not bad
“A whole infinity passed when we weren't yet; but that doesn't sadden us at all. "(Arthur Schopenhauer)
We do not remember the time before we were born. So it wasn't bad either.

6) There can only be one: us or our death.

As long as we live, death will leave us alone. And when we die, we are no more. Either there is us or there is our death. There is not a single minute moment in which both can exist at the same time. Not even for a millisecond. It's like we exist in different worlds. Maybe it's just the transition?

7) Death is natural

Nature was kind to us because we were born. Why should she mean it badly to us now when she lets us die?
“Make yourself familiar with nature, recognize her as your mother; you then calmly sink down into the earth. "(Anselm Feuerbach)
Death is not an opponent of life, it is part of it!

8) New life can arise through death

We live because many people and other living beings have died before us. If no living being had died on this earth, we would not be able to live now, because the earth would be much too small for so many living beings.

9) We live because there is death

Not only because he made room for us, but also because he motivated our parents to father and raise us. Without death, humans would probably no longer want to reproduce. Because the real meaning of reproduction is the preservation of one's own species. This act would therefore be completely meaningless without death.

10) Death makes everything the same

The great equalizer. This, too, is a good quality of death: it spares no one. Everyone is visited by him. It is a consolation to know that it will be the same for everyone else as it is for us.

11) Death helps us set priorities in life

He shows us what really matters in life and what doesn't. It doesn't make sense to spend most of your precious time toiling for money and material possessions. Because we all know that we cannot take material things with us when we die. So they cannot be the end purpose of our life.

12) Death makes you more independent

We are all dependent. From other people's opinions, from our boss, or from our property. With the help of death, we can become aware that all of these things will ultimately have no meaning. If we understand this, we can deal with them much more easily during our lifetime and resolve our dependencies.
"Anyone who has learned to die ceases to be a servant." (Epicurus)

13) Death helps you forgive

It shows us how petty and stubborn we are in some situations. When the death of loved ones approaches, we tend to forgive them. We want them to go in peace. In the same way, the dying usually forgive other people so that they can walk with a clear conscience.

14) Death is just a transformation of your energy

Everything runs in cycles. The river is also part of such a cycle. It flows into the sea, where the water evaporates, only to rain down elsewhere and form a new river. We have to imagine life like this river.

15) Life also means pain

Life hurts too. Now why is it worse to die than to live when we are in pain? At least there we have the confidence that it will soon be over.