Can we take medication with hot water?

Take tablets with water: This is why the drug works so best

Take tablets with water: choose low-calcium varieties

Water does not contain any ingredients that could impair its effectiveness and promote interactions - as can be the case with coffee, milk, juices and alcohol. It is best to choose tap water. If you want to drink mineral water, make sure that it is low in calcium, because: Calcium can bind active substances to itself so that the body can no longer absorb them. Avoid carbonated products if you take tablets with water. If you have to burp, you may notice the unpleasant taste of the drug.

The tablet slides better with a lot of water

Always drink enough water so that tablets and capsules do not get caught in the esophagus. Otherwise the mucous membranes can be injured - especially with tablets for osteoporosis therapy. It should be a large glass with 200 to 300 milliliters. Take slightly larger sips, this improves the "flushing down" process.

The tablet works faster with plenty of water

If you drink enough water, you also ensure that the tablet dissolves well and works quickly. In addition, the water also protects your stomach lining to a certain extent. Due to the liquid, the active ingredient is not so concentrated in the stomach. You should also choose water at room temperature to additionally protect the gastric mucosa.

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