Why do all countries block work visas

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As of January 27, 2018, citizens from seven Islamic countries are no longer allowed to enter the USA with immediate effect. The entry ban applies to people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, for whom all new visa applications for the US have been blocked for 90 days. A similar ban of four months also applies to refugees. However, the entry ban does not apply to people with dual citizenship.

ESTA and the "Green card

The ban is also in force if you already have an approved ESTA USA (to explain the ESTA). This means that citizens of these countries cannot currently enter the USA. Even people with a so-called "Green card"or a permanent residence permit are temporarily no longer in the country.

Donald Trump

The new President of America, Donald Trump, has made sure that these groups of people are no longer welcome in the USA. Trump insists that the travel ban is not specifically targeting Muslims. With this ban, he declares that he can ensure that Americans are better protected against terrorist attacks.

Worldwide dismay

This has led to much chaos and dismay around the world. The entry ban has been heavily criticized by Western allies and Islamic countries. Canada did not respond by stopping the previously used refugee admission: "For those who are fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canada will remain open, regardless of their beliefs. Diversity is our strength. Welcome to Canada".


Due to the entry ban, some KLM passengers were unable to take their flights to America, as airlines can be fined if there are people affected by the entry ban among the passengers. The fact is that this entry ban is having a negative impact on many people and organizations around the world.

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