How is nickel mined

What is nickel


Nickel is a chemical element with the element symbol Ni in the periodic table. According to a newer way of counting it belongs to Nickel group, before that it was included in the iron-platinum group. It is separated from copper during extraction.

The story of nickel

In the year 1751 Nickel was already that shown purely for the first time, by the Swedish chemist and mineralogist Axel Frederic Cronstedt. He gave the chemical element 1754 the name nickel. He derived the name from copper nickel, which in turn comes from the Ore Mountains and stands for red nickel pebbles.

This red nickel pebble was an ore that looked like copper ore. The miners thought that it should be possible to extract copper from it, but since it was not real copper ore, no copper could be extracted. This is how the myththat mountain spirits called "nickel" had bewitched the ore. today Nickel is often used as a metal or alloy.

The appearance and properties of nickel

Nickel sees metallic and silver-colored out. It has one shiny shimmer. At normal room temperature, nickel is against air, hydrochloric acid, water and alkalis very consistent.

The extraction of nickel

First of all Raw nickel be won. To do this, the nickel is separated from the copper. The whole thing is first fused with sodium sulfide. During this process, an easily melting double sulphide is formed between the copper and the sodium sulphide. In this way, the nickel sulfide that has remained more solid can easily be separated off. Then the Roasting of nickel sulfide, which then becomes nickel oxide. Finally, it is reduced to nickel with coke.

Pure and pure nickel can also be obtained. The raw nickel is refined electrolytically in order to Pure nickel to win. A nickel salt solution is used for this, the less noble components become liquid in the solution and thus detach themselves from the pure nickel. This ultimately has a 99.9% purity. Pure nickel, on the other hand, is obtained using special processes. This procedure is called the moon procedure. It describes a chemical transport reaction. Pure nickel has a 99.99% purity.

The use of nickel

Because of its properties, nickel is used in various areas:

  • chemistry
  • technology
  • aviation
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Furniture industry

Nickel is often used as a metal in chemistry and technology. In the field of chemistry it is used in chemical apparatus in the laboratory because of its durability. In the technology For example, nickel is used as a coating metal because it is corrosion-resistant.

As an alloy, nickel is used in the aviation and at Household appliances used. Here it is chosen because of its corrosion and temperature resistance. Also in the Furniture industry nickel is used. For example, it is used for reading lamps on beds. Here you can find more furniture in or with nickel.