Gun laws will do anything at all

Comment on weapons law: The simple teaching of Winnenden

Nice that we all have our opinion on whether you MUST have private guns or not. GOT TO? No, you certainly don't HAVE to have them. So therefore forbid. Let's forbid everything that you don't have to have to live and that can harm other people through abuse. I also think that cars with more than 50 hp should be banned, because they kill far more people a year than are harmed by legal firearms. Hello! Personally, I don't care about cars, SO WE CAN BAN THEM! Ride a bike, like me, is healthier anyway. Has anyone ever quacked for stricter traffic laws after one of these crazy suicidal drivers dragged a family into their deaths again. No, THAT was also the madman who was to blame, not the car.

How was that in a previous post? Do we need quick solutions? No, we need sensible solutions! Just because some people are not interested in shooting does not mean that it is simply prohibited. Just because individual people are unreliable or insane does not mean that pointless and pointless prohibitions must be demanded. Sure, after this act, a scapegoat is needed very quickly. And that is - was of course as safe as the amen in church and is also clearly the fastest and easiest way - the legal gun owner. What a superficial reaction from people. Are the people so naive that they believe even the strictest gun law, with the total ban on all firearms, would prevent something like that in the future? Oh yes, then we also forbid hunting. Yes, if already. Otherwise it won't do, because there are still private weapons among the people. So, and then please all police officers just leave their service weapons at the station. Consequent! Just ask how many victims there have been through police service weapons in recent years, e.g. this jealous drama in Bavaria.

And then this discussion about storing weapons centrally in the rifle club or handing in ammunition to the police, they'll be happy. I don't think these people have any idea what an insoluble logistical problem that alone brings with it, let alone the potential danger, since shooting ranges are mostly in uninhabited areas. And how about competitions and championships? How should the stuff be transported to the appropriate shooting range and by whom?

Have you ever thought about what happens when 1.5 million (mostly !! brave and law-abiding) marksmen have to surrender their weapons? What do you think that triggers a crime against illegal weapons? And every illegal weapon is a thousand times more dangerous than a legal one.

Why is one not actually discussing how it came about that this HUMAN did this deed? That, for example, our media society, which glorifies violence, is slowly degenerating because the dead and kills are sucked up for breakfast on TV or played as first-person shooters on the iPhone in front of school, and that is completely normal.

I think this whole discussion sucks, because the real problem is not that private weapons are available. The problem is the sick person who is capable of such an act.

(A gun owner who has kept his stuff 100% legally compliant for the past 25 years and who would consider it absolutely right if the authorities were to control private gun owners more closely and punish them drastically for violations.)