Family is more important than friends

Study: Friends are more important than family

Great study: Your friends are supposedly more important than your family

Friends are important, that's true. Above all, a good BFF is irreplaceable. An American study now also said that. She found that friends are even more important for psyche and health than family. Pretty awesome!

You can exchange ideas with your friends and confide in them. And your BFF probably knows more dark secrets about you than any other person. Of course, that doesn't mean that your family is less important to you, because they have known you all your life and know just as well what makes you tick. Still found the"National Institute on Aging" -Study of Friends and Family found out that we are mentally healthier when we have and maintain good friendships.

Friends are important to your health, according to this study

The study of friends and family who participated in the "University of Michigan" was published, interviewed 280,000 people from 100 countries and balanced mental health with relationships with friends and family. It turned out that people who cultivated good friendships, were happier and more content than those without. Even a balanced family relationship couldn't come close. Most importantly, the study found that Friendships become more important with age.

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Why are good friendships more important than family?

But why is it like that? The saying goes: "You can choose your friends, but not your family." That also means if my BFF annoys me and she is no longer good for me, I can end the friendship. Family relationships persist and bring more responsibility with them. Often there are more quarrels within the family, which also strains relationships. With friends it is simply more relaxed and usually less complicated.

Still, that doesn't mean that we're putting our family on the back burner, because after all, our parents would do anything to make us feel good. They are also available to provide advice and assistance and help us to make our dreams come true. Therefore, a combination is important for us: Family and BFFs more than anything! Because life is not so nice without one of the two parts - study on the subject of friendship or not.

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