Americans are too big to fail

Current start-up dates

While entrepreneurs in the USA and other countries are already brooding over their next business idea after their first bankruptcy, Germans are afraid of a second failure. “The fear of failure is widespread among the German population. Fear is greatest in Germany out of 29 countries ”, quoted a press spokeswoman for the German Compensation Bank (DtA) from a study on the start-up climate in Germany. 52.9 percent of all Germans even forego starting a company out of fear. If a business idea actually fails, the pessimists see themselves confirmed.

However, there are other reasons why a bankruptcy in this country is tantamount to a broken leg. “You often have to be accused of failure after bankruptcy,” explains Goldschmidt from Jena. In addition, failed entrepreneurs often have to endure a lot of rumors.
Daniel Metzger identified a different phenomenon. “There are people who are resentful and gleeful when something fails,” he says. He himself was not self-employed. However, at the age of 20 he already worked for a listed consulting company, earned a lot of money and drove a fancy Audi TT. "When the company went bankrupt, it was like a slap in my face."

Americans get up quickly after such a blow. In the “land of unlimited possibilities” there is a “stand up mentality”. For the management consultant Eric Pawlitzky, the reasons for this lie in the “national psyche”. In his words, Americans are less prone to sentimentality and melancholy than Germans.