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How harmful is cannabis to the brain?

There are a large number of partly contradicting research results on this question. For this reason, researchers at the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at the University of California compiled and analyzed all available research results on the neurocognitive effects (effects on the brain) in long-term users in 2003

Few studies provide reliable results

Of the 1,014 identified studies that examined neurocognitive functions in cannabis users, only 15 studies were able to meet methodological criteria that produced reliable results. These 15 studies include 704 long-term cannabis users and 408 non-users. In the neurocognitive studies z. B. the reaction time, the ability to learn, memory and attention examined.

No brain damage - but impaired learning and memory performance

After summarizing and analyzing all study results, the researchers come to the conclusion that no substantial losses in cognitive brain functions can be found. However, there were slight losses in the areas of learning ability and memory. “Surprisingly, we found hardly any evidence of harmful effects (related to brain performance). The only exception is an extremely small effect when learning new information, "said Prof. Igor Grant, head of the study. The limitations of the brain performance found cannot actually be attributed to cannabis with absolute certainty, since the users may also have previous loads - e .g previous use of other drugs.

The brains of children and adolescents are more vulnerable

Grant advises that the results apply to adults only. It must be assumed that the developing brain of children and adolescents is much more vulnerable and that harmful effects of cannabis use cannot be ruled out.

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