What are the creative ways of branding

This is how creative minds work with exceptional forms of marketing

Online marketing today has countless facets and works with a multitude of instruments and tools. The unusual and creative methods are particularly interesting and effective. We therefore present you with a selection of exceptional strategies for innovative marketing and offer you many ideas and suggestions for your own concepts.




Self-marketing as an individual strategy with a lot of potential

Marketing is basically about positioning and marketing your own products, brands or offers as successfully as possible. The overriding goal is always to achieve higher sales. If we are talking about self-marketing, then one understands by this a very similar process, only that it is not about products, but about yourself. You try to use the methods of modern marketing to ensure that your own person is perceived in a certain way that benefits the company and its goals.

In online trading, for example, your goal in self-marketing could be to present yourself as an expert to your visitors and customers. If you were publicly perceived as a well-known professional within your own business or product area, this would have a direct impact on your sales. The consumer could shop in your shop with a better feeling because they assume that you, as an expert, have selected the best products. If you offer your customers additional advice, then the status of the specialist also has a very positive effect on the credibility and the perception of seriousness.


This type of self-marketing is used to build trust

Overall, this type of self-marketing primarily serves the trust that your visitors and customers place in you. And trust, in turn, is the absolute basic requirement for every purchase. So think about acting yourself as a YouTube performer and making videos available on the platform in which you explain products, offer solutions to problems, discuss new trends or provide operating instructions. If you are a little lucky, your films will achieve a certain level of awareness on the internet, which will bring you a lot of new customers.

At the same time, you can then use the videos in your own shop and, for example, integrate them to match certain products or have them appear in a blog. You also have the opportunity to work as an author of specialist books on everything to do with your product area. In this way, you will also gain additional customers who will become aware of you and your shop through your publications. Visitors and existing customers, in turn, perceive you as an expert and are more willing to shop in your shop.



Guerrilla Marketing: Unusual Measures, Great Success

Literally translated, guerrilla means something like "small war". This term refers to marketing measures that are particularly original, funny or unusual and that lead to a broader public becoming aware of a company, a product or a brand. Often the target group does not even notice in the first step that it is advertising or sales promotion. Guerrilla marketing very often uses actions that take place outdoors and often prefers forms in which the target group itself, consciously or unconsciously, becomes an actor.

The success of guerrilla marketing can often not be predicted, as you never know for sure whether a campaign will actually hit or if it tends to peter out unnoticed. Although guerrilla marketing is characterized by the fact that it is unconventional and highly individual, different structures and types of guerrilla marketing have emerged in the meantime, which are used deliberately by some companies. We would like to introduce you to the most important forms in more detail.

Ambient marketing is about suddenly changing a familiar environment of the target group in a noticeable way and thus attracting attention. Ambush marketing detects an already existing trend or a popular topic of conversation and plants your own advertising campaign on it in order to attract more attention. Buzz Marketing works with product samples that are distributed with the aim that the recipients begin to report massively about this in their private environment. In this context, of course, social media play an important role.


The mosquito marketing

When mosquito marketing is mentioned, one tries to use the familiarity of a mostly larger competitor. For example, you can identify the competitor's weaknesses and use them publicly to increase your own level of awareness. Sensation Marketing relies on the effective staging of conspicuous events and thus ensures that people get into public conversation. Finally, viral marketing works on the basis of word of mouth and benefits from the fact that messages and information can now be disseminated en masse via social networks within a very short time.

Overall, creativity is always in the foreground in guerrilla marketing. Entirely new forms of advertising and sales promotion are tried out here, and the actors often work on the marketing trends of tomorrow in the process. Of course, it is also part of professional customer communication that you learn to differentiate between the complaints of serious customers and those that come from notorious complainers. But it is precisely in this area that you also benefit from a complete listing of communications.


 There are many more copies than originals among people.
Pablo Picasso



Storytelling as a creative narrative strategy of our time

When was the last time you watched a complete commercial block on TV without switching or using the timeshift function? Have the fun once and watch a block of ads consistently to get an impression of what is currently trending in terms of advertising, marketing and sales promotion.

You will notice one trend above all: You will experience that many clips are no longer about companies, products or brands, but that stories are the focus of the spots instead. Stories that only marginally deal with a specific product and its properties. Instead, it's all about emotions, humor, action or passion.

A good example is advertising for cars. You will hardly find any manufacturer here who really talks about the specific properties of the vehicles in their advertising films. Instead, you will experience families on an adventure tour, young couples quarreling and reconciling in the car, or individualists who fully identify with their car. As different as these spots may be, they all have one thing in common: the viewer is told a more or less complex story and this approach is called storytelling by the advertisers.


The background is very simple

The reason for the use of this form of advertising is very understandable. When we hear a story, we are much more attentive than when we are presented with facts, figures and technical data. We remember what we see better and, above all, we are addressed emotionally. Incidentally, storytelling not only works in TV advertising, but also in every online shop. Above all, the product descriptions are available here as a field for experimentation.

Just try not to present one of your products using the factual level, but instead tell your visitors an interesting story in which the product plays a certain role. You will be amazed how good the response to such a narrative and text technique is. You can expand the little experiment over time and even link different item descriptions with one another. In this way, entire shops can be integrated into a large-scale story and, depending on the product area and target group, this can be very successful.




These tips will bring life to your marketing mix

Marketing is not a strict science, but rather a creative discipline that leaves plenty of room for personal preferences and individual strategies. In the end, it always depends on the respective combination of different measures and instruments. The trick is to create an individual marketing mix that optimally fits the corporate goals, the business object and the target group.

In principle, there aren't that many binding rules. Ultimately, everything that produces the desired effect is allowed. This also applies if your personal marketing mix violates everything that the official doctrine of advertising strategists and marketing experts prescribes. The following tips will help you broaden your horizons with regard to marketing and are intended to provide a stimulus to try out completely new things.




Your creative side when it comes to marketing

Many online retailers have a rather cramped and problematic relationship with the subject of marketing. When you hear this keyword you immediately think of incomprehensible treatises that have very little practical relevance and of self-appointed marketing gurus who give tips and recommendations for horrendous fees that do not bring the shop a single euro in sales. If you think similarly, then now is the time to try to forget everything you have associated with marketing and instead get the fun of this particular discipline back.

Marketing is a creative playground for committed retailers and can literally make your sales explode. It makes a lot of fun, own knowledge to continuously expand over time via marketing and then successfully apply what has been learned. Do not miss the associated pleasure and discover your own personal approach to marketing. Above all, a lot of creativity is required, of which you are sure to have a lot at your disposal.




Rely on an individual marketing mix

Marketing does not describe a single measure or a specific instrument. Instead, it's always about a whole bunch of activities. How this bundle is put together depends entirely on you. Think of marketing as a huge construction kit that you can freely experiment with. You can always select the building blocks with which exactly the achieve goals let that you have set yourself up for your own business.

The result always arises an individual marketing mixthat is precisely tailored to your requirements. Remember that you determine the size of the construction kit yourself. The more Marketing tools and methods you get to know and master, the larger the pool of activities that you can fall back on if necessary. Therefore, if your interests allow, you should do marketing make it your hobbyhorse and continue to educate yourself in a relaxed and relaxed manner. In this way you work directly on your own success and actively influence the course of your business.




Be more in focus

There is something fascinating about self-marketing. You will simply become a meaningful and recognizable brand yourself, actively involved in promoting your shop and selling your products. In online marketing, self-marketing usually takes place on the basis of expertise. Here position yourself as a specialist in your field and in this way show the target group that you can rely on you, your assessments, your competence and your products.

Self-marketing is particularly effective if you manage to produce videos in which you present products or give application tips, for example. If that is too much for you to start with, you can take your first steps in self-marketing within social networks instead. Take an active part in discussions and try to build a reputation for yourself over time. You should be seen as an expert and trust your judgment. If this succeeds, it will naturally also have an impact on your sales.





Guerrilla marketing has sensitive limits

Guerrilla marketing can work wonders in e-commerce. There are campaigns that go viral within a few days and, starting from a tiny cell, reach thousands and thousands of users who then become shop customers. You have to keep in mind that the effects of guerrilla marketing can hardly be predicted in advance. A lot here depends on coincidences that cannot really be planned. It is therefore important that you do not approach your own guerrilla actions with too high expectations, otherwise you will be disappointed.

In addition, however, you should also make sure that you do not exceed the limits of good taste or the applicable laws when looking for particularly original ideas. Guerrilla marketing campaigns can quickly backfire and not only miss the original goal, but even cause massive damage. Keep this in mind when planning appropriate activities and think twice or three times over any unusual campaign before harming yourself and your company.




Storytelling for lively shopping

Storytelling is a huge and unmistakable trend, especially in the field of current TV advertising. Marketing experts agree that original, exciting, touching or funny stories find their way into the consciousness of consumers much faster and more effectively than is the case with more factually oriented advertising messages. For online trading, you can be inspired by this trend, as long as you follow a few simple rules. Always remember that the texts in your shop also have the task of providing comprehensive information and replacing a good seller, beyond pure sales promotion.

Consumers need certain information about the item in question, without which they would not be able to make a purchase decision. So if you do Integrate story elements into the shopwhich is basically an excellent idea, you should always make sure that the necessary information is still completely available and that factually oriented visitors do not have to search for specific data and facts first.



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