Difference between supervisor and team leader

Difference Between Supervisor and Manager

Supervisor versus manager

When you find that a person is held accountable for the performance of others in an organization, what is your impression of that person's role in the organization? Is he a manager or a supervisor? There are many similarities in the roles and responsibilities of managers and supervisors that make many people feel when these titles are interchangeable. However, the two names are completely different, as becomes clear after reading this article.


If an employee is authorized to give instructions about work and performance to a number of other employees, he is considered a supervisor. If an employee is held accountable for the work of subordinates, he is considered a supervisor. Managers are known by many other names, such as: B. Coordinator, moderator, team leader, supervisor, etc. The word "supervisor" comes from English and oversees a person or activity to ensure the safety and accuracy of the procedure. So a manager is someone who oversees other people or their activities. It becomes clear that the core role and responsibility of a manager is to overlook the activities of others to the satisfaction of the established standards in an organization.

The position of a manager in a company is seen as the lowest level of management. A manager in a department has more or less the same work experience as the other members of his team, but is considered a group leader.


The word manager comes from word management, and a manager is a person who manages men. To manage means to control and organize things, men and events. Managers do just that. They ensure the day-to-day running of a workplace, whether it's a shop, hospital, or factory, runs smoothly. Hence, the control and organization of men and activities is at the core of a manager's job. A manager always has the best interests of the organization in mind and must manage men and their activities in such a way that the best possible results are achieved for the organization.

In the world of sports, the importance of a manager in a team sport has to be seen to be believed. Football club managers have huge salaries, sometimes higher than even their star players. This gives an indication of the important role these managers play in player and player performance as a team.

Manager is a title that has become very common and there are floor managers in large boutiques, retail managers, hotel managers and so on. A manager is a versatile title for those who manage the smooth running of day-to-day operations in organizations of all hues.

What is the difference between supervisor and manager?

• The manager manages while the supervisor monitors.

• At all management levels there are different management levels with junior, middle and later management levels.

• Supervisors are at the lowest level of management.

• Managers are employees who have to take care of the activities and performance of other subordinate employees in order to ensure a standard level.

• Managers ensure that daily operations run smoothly and manage people and machines.