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Shisha smoking: This is how stressful the water pipe smoke is for the respiratory tract

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From: Laura Knops

Many people underestimate the dangers to which they expose themselves when smoking shisha (symbol image). © imago images /

Smoking a water pipe is especially popular among young people. But many underestimate the health risk of hookahs.

Munich - Smoke has been shown to damage the body. Especially for Allergy sufferers and Asthmatics, those who suffer from hypersensitive airways, consumption is problematic. Unhealthy smoking is one of the main triggers of Respiratory diseases like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Regular consumption worsens the clinical picture and also leads to more frequent ones Asthma attacks. But not only cigarettes are harmful. Even when smoking Hookahs patients must expect negative effects. Nevertheless, many people underestimate supposedly harmless ones Cigarette alternatives like hookahs or e-cigarettes.

Shisha smoking: This is how dangerous water pipes are for the lungs

While consuming Cigarettes according to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) especially in adolescents it seems to decrease Hookahs and Hookahs to become increasingly popular in this age group *. This is also reported by According to the results of the Tobacco Atlas of Germany around a third of children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 already have one Shisha drawn. The economy is also benefiting from the trend. So is sales with appropriate Tobacco products has increased significantly in recent years.

Who now and then Hookah smokes, rarely describes himself as an active smoker. Because only very few are aware of how harmful one is Shisha session is. According to experts, the reason for this is not only a lack of information, but also the way in which it Cigarette alternative is consumed.

Shisha smoking: just one water pipe session is harmful

Unlike the Smoke from a cigarette, the tobacco smoke does not get directly into the airways. So the crosses Shisha smoke first a vessel filled with water, called a bowl, before inhaling. But the water dilutes and cleanses the smoke by no means, but merely cools it down. This will make the inhalation lighter, but not healthier.

The fact is: who is at one Shisha pulls, he takes a higher risk than Cigarette consumers. So take Smoker in a water pipe session of 30 to 60 minutes up to five milligrams of nicotine - comparable to that smoke of ten cigarettes. As the inhaled Smoke volume but even 100 cigarettes according to experts Smoking shisha significantly larger amount of pollutants in the airways than through one Cigarette.

Shisha smoking: Dangerous substances in water pipes

The list of pollutants is long: According to the Pulmonary information serviceare in hookah smoke at least 82 harmful substances available. In addition to nicotine included Hookahs numerous other toxic substances. Lots of Toxins are considered carcinogenic, can damage the cells in the mouth and throat, and slow down breathing and circulation. Already during the Shisha session symptoms of poisoning can occur, triggered by the im smoke Contains high levels of carbon monoxide. Headache and fatigue, up to and including unconsciousness and one Circulatory collapse are the consequence.

Can also in the long term Hookahs impair lung function. Regular consumption increases the risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma or the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but also for cardiovascular diseases *. Experts also warn against the Addictive of shishas to play down. So water pipes are considered an entry point to one regular tobacco use. Researchers found that most Shisha smoking people take up cigarettes over time.* is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

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