There are double barrel assault rifles

Double pistol with vertical trunks. Pocket double-buckle pistol "Double Tap

Six months of intensive work took place to develop this miracle, including 3D modeling, stereolithographic generation of models and the final test of the working samples. From the new Russo-Italian weapons, you can release 16 bullets for about three to five seconds. It is extremely difficult for such a result to be achieved with an ordinary weapon, except, of course, automatic models capable of firing queues. Arsenal-Feuerwaffen Privat-Armory built an exotic AF2011-A1 "second century" (unofficially rentable "twenty eleven"). New calibr - .45 ACP (11.43 x 23 mm). The "second century" monster was released in honor of the century of the famous Colt M1911 pistol used so far. John Browning's successful model went into the second century, hence the name of the new weapon. The length of the pistol is 220 mm, the width is 50 mm, the height is 145 mm, the length of the logs is 125 mm, the weight of the weapon is 1.85 kg. In "second century" interesting, several interior parts are laid out from the original M1911 (drummers, flutes and their hulls, several types of springs, some parts of the store and handles, aiming devices) that are still available on the global weapons market. But at the same time there are many original elements, because "second century" after the company's security is the first semi-automatic weapon with a dual hull installed on a single frame designed for industrial specifications per series problem. (Small-sector "Manual" creations do not count.) In fact, the novelty can already be ordered, and there are several options in the order of operation of dual churches and triggers to end and become too complicated. For a shot of a second century, two bullets with a total weight of 30 g, falling into the target at a distance of 2-5 centimeters from each other (depending on the distance of the shot). For comparison: a standard 9 × 18 mm PM bullet (for Makarova pistol) weighs 6.1 g. The double blow from AF2011-A1 can accuse the cop of gun claims. Load AF2011-A1 by 16 ammunition. In fact, these are two parallel trays of 8 cartridges attached to a common base and inserted into the handle as a whole. The new arms manufacturers apply pretty precisely to such heavy and powerful weapons. According to Gizmag, from a distance of 15 meters (13.7 m) from the target, all 16 balls fall into an area the size of orange; And at a distance of 25 meters (22.8 m), this area will grow around the diameter of the watermelon. We add that Arsenal Firearms has manufacturing facilities in Russia, Austria and Italy that produce products for different markets, and the main office is in our country. Created this company businessman and collector of arms Dmitry Struckky and the Italian armorer of Nicola Bandini (Nicola Bandini). The company is quite young: Arsenal firearms only refunds on March 9, 2012 (but after a long preparatory work that was smashed without a general public) and immediately with a whole range of models (pistols, rifles and knives).

The American company "Heizer Defense" has released a compact pocket pistol "Double Tap" for self-defense, which was made in the style of "Derringer". The first weapon of this design appeared in 1830 when the workshop of Philadelphi Gunsmith Henry Deringer (1786-1868) who specialized in weapons, army, army and duoral pistols began releasing small capsule gauges of caliber. 41 (10.4 mm) . Buyers quickly appreciated its compactness and low weight, as well as the short trunk. Of course, such a weapon was made by Gunsmiths beforehand, but they offered pistols on the Charter Castle that were expensive, less reliable, and more complex. Only with the appearance of Capsune locks was the possible mass production of such pistols, and it was Derpeger who became the first manufacturer to name the entire series.

As a classic derringer "Double Tap", the weapon has two vertically positioned trunks, folded in order to load upwards and downwards. Two Vaclaint Performances with "ports" and without available. Pocket pistol is quite small and simple, and cartridges of calibers. 45 AKP (11.43x23 mm) and 9 mm Parabelum (9x19 mm), in which there is a new product that is quite powerful even for a full-fledged weapon. to talk about a miniature "double tap"?

The trunks with the "connectors" are almost $ 100 more expensive, but according to the manufacturer's application, you can significantly reduce the take-back of guns and prevent the barrel to the trunk.
Shock-trigger mechanism of a rifle-type pistol, dual-action "SA / DA", with a hidden chicken. The end of the descent is 4.5 kilograms. To charge or recharge the gun, you need to press the latch on the frame. After pressing the latch, the logs are folded forward and down and the shot sleeves are extracted automatically. The barrel block is done quickly. Cable curved cables.

Pocket pistol "Double Tap" is available in two versions. The aluminum alloy model is recommended for civilians and costs $ 230 cheaper than a titanium alloy model, while the titanium model is recommended as a second chance weapon for the military and police. The weapon is absolutely flat, with rounded and smoothed edges, without running out parts from the sides, which offers its convenient hidden carrying at almost any time of the year and with any clothing. Identify the gun or not, it cannot charge enough thanks to the gap between the back of the block of the stem and the frame. The handle offers space for two replacement cartridges.
Weapons are made in different colors. There is even a version of the "Double Tap Hedy Jane" with a patented "iPhone White Cerakote" color.

The main features of the "Double Tap" pistol
Caliber: 0.45 ACP or 9 mm Parabelum;
Gun length: 140mm;
Trunk length: 76 mm;
Gun Height: 99mm;
Gun width: 17 mm;
Mass without cartridges: 340 grams (aluminum), 397 grams (titanium);
Tank capacity: 2 cartridges

The original is made by W. masterok. In a two-grill gun "second century"

Probably many of you are an American Colt M1911 that has become a truly legendary pistol. Even those who are practically not interested in small arms and his story have heard of him.
In the spring of 2012, Arsenal Firearms presented in the market an unusual model of the AF2011-A1 "Second Century" pistol, which the model started calling "twenty eleven" for brevity.
It is unusual to have two kegs at the same time. AF2011-A1 - A double pistol. It was designed by the company's engineers up until the jubilee century of the iconic Colt 1911-A1 pistol.

It is worth noting that Arsenal Firearms is a joint Russian-Italian company. Its head office is in Russia, and the production is located in our country, as well as in Austria and Italy. The most famous samples of this private arms company are already designated as AF2011-A1-Zwei-Grillpistole and the automatic gun "Strege", which is offered for acceptance by the Russian army.

However, let's talk about bivalve evolutions. It is reported that in just 6 months of intense and fruitful weapon the Arsenal firearms development team were able to create an AF2011-A1 "second century" of intense and fruitful work. At the same time, the company's specialists often used stereolithographic modeling and computer 3D model simulations. As a result, an interesting two-roll model of a 45-caliber pistol appeared on the light, which is industrial and in demand among lovers of small arms.

Out of fairness it should be noted that the idea of ​​the combined stem, creating the so-called "Sparky", not NOVA, is not. Even during World War I, Maxim double machine guns were used on the front, which were very effective against the first plane. Even during the First World War, the Italian aircraft double grill pistol villar-perosa existed and was used successfully. This weapon never stops. For example the Israeli double-fascinated automatic weapon machine "shmemit" ("desert"), which is a writer from a standard infantry "ultrasound" that can fire without human involvement as soon as someone crosses invisible to human eye ray. A double rich assault rifle of the Israeli solid silver shadow is also in the sense of a 5.56x45mm caliber very similar to the two M16 glued assault rifles. There are both domestic developments, for example the Soviet TKB-059, it is also "Device 3b", which is also a three-star experimental machine created under a standard automobile cassette.

You can go on and on this list for a long time.

It is worth noting that such "pairing" has only one goal, to increase the density of the fire, that is, the skills to loosen the balls as much as possible, while keeping the balls as much as possible with a sufficiently high accuracy of the standard " Single is - Bauus version ". Of course, this is not the usual way to increase fire density, but it is often found. It's worth noting that the AF2011-A1 pistol has really terrible battle power. Two bullets released by this pistol with a total mass of 30 grams and drowning 2 to 10 cm from each other (this distance is directly dependent on the remoteness of the target from the arrow) can knock a bull down

a shot of a weapon generated synchronously with two bullets. 45 ACP caliber (11.43x23 mm). The weapon is charged with a 16 cartridge magazine, which is 2 parallel shops on 8 rounds connected with a shared base between them and inserted into a pistol grip as a whole. Surprisingly, but with this unusual pistol in a state to tackle anyone who has ever been shot by pistols. 45 caliber AKP. As skilled workers, the AF2011-A1 double guns are not only pleasant to use, but also fairly accurate.

Experts respond very positively to the gun. Its strength and accuracy are determined. From a distance of 13 meters, an experienced shooter sends all 16 balls with an ordinary orange and from a distance of 25 meters in melon in the region. In turn, the design of the weapon allows you to fire from any barrel, even specialists celebrate a fairly comfortable return on the weapon. Plus, it's the density of the fire that allows the pistol only 3-5 seconds to release 16 powerful 45th caliber bullets for the target.

The AF2011-A1 two grill gun has a number of original parts. These include a single frame, a single lock, a single lever lock, a single drummer with two triggers, a single shopping box cover with 2 sockets, a single pairing socket of combat springs, special guide sleeves, a single paired memory lock, side lever lock, and open shuttle handle. But a more interesting feature of the pistol is the fact that the designers tried to implement the maximum interchangeability of internal parts, which is standard for the COLT M1911 pistol. These details include spring stops, whispers, drummers, return springs, return springs and smoothing springs, internal parts of the combat spring bushing, store box, etc.

The AF2011-A1 pistol can be bought as with a trigger (right or left, which the shooter can replace for correct and left-hand operation) and two triggers and two triggers that are permanently attached to each other, and one or two trigger mechanisms for Selection.

Technical characteristics of the AF2011-A1 pistol:

Caliber: 0.45 ACP (11.43x23 mm).

Gun length: 220 mm.

The height of the pistol is 145 mm, the width is 50 mm.

Log length: 125 mm.

Gun weight: 1.85 kg.

This model, of course, is difficult to present in the hands of law enforcement officials. First, the value is much higher compared to Standard PM and other types of weapons. Second, the weapon does not have a simple assembly-disassembly to eliminate the wigner of the cartridge. But here with collectors and simply gun enthusiasts model AF2011-A1 "Second Century" enjoys great success.

In honor of the COLT M1911 century, Arsenal Firearms created the first two-large self-load development of the second century.

The second century model is the first semi-automatic pistol with a double trunk installed on a single frame.
The gun is designed for industrial specifications and is designed for serial output.
The second pistol of the century can synchronously release 2 bullets, the total weight of which is 30 g. They fall into the target, which is at a distance of 2 to 5 cm from each other (it all depends on the distance of the shot).

2. Weapons can produce 16 bullets for 3-5 seconds.
This result is very difficult to achieve if you do not use an ordinary pistol, of course, automatic models capable of counting queues.

3. The "second century" pistols are charged with sixteen ammunition with a shop. Essentially, it is 2 parallel stores for eight ammunition bound by a common base that is set in the handle as a whole.
Caliber 45 ACP (11.43 x 23 mm).

Unfortunately, the modern streets aren't as safe as I'd like, and sometimes you can't deal with aggressive people with a belief, let alone the stars of dogs that aren't always right for passers-by. A double-barrel pistol with gas or traumatic effect is the optimal self-defense weapon that will allow you to preserve not only your material values, but also health and sometimes even life. The most popular among domestic models are: "OSA", "Shaman", "Prime Minister", "Pioneer", Guard "and some foreign developments. Consider the best representatives of these arms self-defense.

Second century.

This double-made weapon is created by Russian and Italian developers. It is designed for the similarity of the model "Colt M-1911". It is noteworthy that in the change taken into account, some parts from an object of combat are used. There are also a mass of original items that are high quality.

From the new development, you can release 16 charges in just five seconds. According to the manufacturers, this is the only two-barrel gun submachine gun with such rapidity, with the exception of the automatic variations with mode Shots mode. At the same time, the gun produces two bullets, each weighing 15 grams. The charges in the target are spaced 20-50 millimeters apart (this factor depends on the firing range). The pistol lines offer space for 16 cartridges, which are charged in the combined row, the steam traps of 8 parts.

Device and properties.

The double-barrel pistol of the second century consists of a single frame, a trigger, a drummer with a pair of triggers, a shopping box with two grooves. There is also a double socket for the main spring, guide sleeves, a lever lock, a locking handle.

To be interchangeable with "Colt" details include feather stops, whispered, almost all feathers, drummers. Below are the main features of this weapon:

  • caliber - 11.43 * 23 mm (45 ASR);
  • length - 22 centimeters;
  • height - 14.5 cm;
  • width - 5 cm;
  • the length of the logs are 12.5 cm;
  • mass - 1850 grams.

The gun is available to buy with a trigger or with a pair option (trigger, independent or synchronous, paired).


This device has an aerosol principle of operation. Weapons are intended for the defense of wild or aggressive animals as well as criminals and inadequate people. The jet gas streams spread to a distance of up to five meters, which is attacked by an active irritation of the mucous, nose and mouth. It is permitted to use sound cartridges as well as the Hunter signaling system.

Double barrel aerosol gas pistol "Pioneer" is a compact device made of black plastic. The shape of the handle is optimally suited to the palm of sizes. The trunks are placed vertically (on each other). A bar and a fly on top are provided for the guidance of the sight. The trigger is in a standard position (under the barrel) equipped with a safety screw from a random shot. The shock-trigger system is framed by partially metallic elements.The device is very reliable, practically does not give out, has a niche for a replacement store with a pair of cans.

Parameters of the gas pistol "Pioneer"

Below you will find the properties that the double separation gun has:

  • the number of fees - two parts;
  • used ammunition - BAM (18 * 51/13 * 50), "Huntersignal";
  • thickness - 2.25 cm;
  • duration of the departure fee - five meters;
  • accuracy - 250 millimeters;
  • pressing on the descent is 50 h;
  • manufacturer's warranty - 12 months.

Among the advantages of this weapon, the following aspects can be distinguished:

  • compactness and small mass;
  • ease of use and fast charging;
  • good accuracy and range;
  • material thickness.

The disadvantages include the lack of a laser guide, a limited number of fees, a fairly high price, and a tight smoke smoke.

Benthol gun "Premier"

This weapon has small sizes that are placed in the lady's handbag, easy to use. A confident damage distance is up to seven meters. Two main modifications are produced in two or four cartridges. The weapon is powered by a lithium battery that changes slightly. In the kit there is a passport, the tool itself, the main and replacement clip.

When a shot of a shot is sent to the front of the enemy, after which it is pulled on the trigger. Charges fly in turns, the clip changes very quickly, you just have to click on a special lock from the top of the case. Cartridges are available for sale over the counter and are reasonably priced.

Features of the "Premier" gas pistol

This double separation gun on the act of the principle of action resembles a gas canister. However, the design in the form of a weapon makes it safer with unpleasant meetings with hooligans. As an active ingredient of charges, a hood from Burning Red Pepper is used, which affects the mucous membranes of the face, causes a short-term disorientation in the room, which makes it possible to reliably protect against aggressive people and animals.

Features of the design of the weapons allow shooting at a reasonable distance from the attacker. At the same time, the weapon is comfortable to hold, is made of high quality materials, has a small weight and large sizes.

Double Self-Defense Weapons: Briefly About Other Types

Below are the brands of other popular "trauma" and their brief characteristics:

  1. One of the most powerful models is considered a traumatic weapon "OSA". An instance is 15.3 millimeters in caliber and its physical energy is approximately 120 kJ. The first modifications were equipped with four trunks and could easily tear a person down with their legs, put terrible bruises and just make a crack in the skull. Rubber balls weighing 11.6 grams were used as fees. In subsequent variations, the waste energy was reduced to avoid harmful injuries, yet one tool on the list remained one of the most powerful in its class.
  2. Another domestic development that is not in vain is called a weapon, the "Shaman" pistol. The gun caliber is more than 20 millimeters, which according to domestic legislation ranks in the direction of the artillery group (apparently from here and nicknamed "Gun"). The standard cassette is 10.5 * 45 mm with a bunny energy of 120 j simple, can also confuse the entire person. This copy is produced by the small series of the Tula weapon system and is considered to be one of the most heavily killed in the traumatic weapons category.

Cuts "Haude"

This brand would like to mention separately because of the features of their design. In fact, the weapon is a double-sided traumatic trauma pistol in the shape of a cut from a hunting rifle. The name comes from the brand of English large-caliber truck pistols. This option is designed as weapons for self-defense and hunters for large game and predators. The charge in the form of rubber bullets is equipped with a 12th caliber brass case with a length of up to 35 millimeters.

The parameters of this cut can be used as a defense of a house or other private property. This is due to its bulkiness and decent weight. The effect of the defeat of such a weapon is more efficient than that of 9th caliber pistols. It is worth noting that "Haude" is capable of only two shots without charging, and repeated activation requires the skill and use of both hands. Also among the disadvantages is a rough finish to the outer parts of the cut.


Initially, traumatic weapons were made by reducing and processing combat models of pistols. The short revolver "Bulldogge", which was equipped with a shortened trunk with four dool holes, is world famous in this field. Later there was a large selection of imitations of not only this revolver, but also "TT", "Makarov", "Browning", "Bärnern" and other variations. Modern changes are made of lighter, but no less practical materials, have good properties and are excellent for self-defense.