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16 fabulous ways to eat cheaply in Paris

For years I have lived in Paris again and again, each time trying to soak up as much of this magical city as I could. As a freelancer and blogger on a budget, I might not like the insider tips on the city's finest restaurants, but I know exactly how to feast your way through Paris for little money. To be precise, I'm actually just before the “expert” title: Whether it's fluffy € 1 croissants or authentic Indian cuisine (plus the essential hot chocolate that warms you on a gray, cold Parisian day), I know it all the cheap food hotspots and would like to share some of my secrets with you.

1. Bakeries

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The easiest way to fill your stomach without breaking your bank account is always one Boulangerie. Stop by one of Paris ‘best bakeries for a fluffy and crispy € 1 croissant, pain au chocolat or baguette. Here you can also get sandwiches for around 5 € and there is always a large selection of wonderful, sweet delicacies on display. Some of my (and Paris ‘) favorite bakeries are Du Pain et Des Idées and Liberté in the 10th arrondissement, A la Flûte Gana in the 20th and Blé Sacré in the 12th.

2. Crêpes

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As a vegetarian, French crepes are one of the best cheap options to eat in Paris - and I can't fault it! For less than 10 € you can sit in a sweet creperie and enjoy one of the most delicious dishes in the country. In the Breizh Café I regularly devoured the sweet vanilla butter crepes (there is no longer any question of eating here). At Lulu La Nantaise there is the wonderfully hearty version of the crepes, with spinach, egg and chèvre. In the Brocéliande crêperie, the more classic version with cheese and onions is highly recommended. For an even cheaper meal, order your crepe to take away or look for one of the EmporterOpen the window and then explore Paris with your crepe on hand. La Droguerie in the Marais is one of the best places to go, as are all the other creperies in the Gare Montparnasse area.

3. Falafel

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Paris is teeming with fantastic falafel shops. Most Parisians would agree with me if I said that the best falafel in town can be found on Rue des Rosiers. It's a real head-to-head race between L’As du Fallafel, Chez Hanna, King Falafel Palace and MI-VA-MI, all of which are just a few meters apart on a foodie street in the Marais. If you're looking for a more upscale twist on these stalls, sit down nearby at Miznon and sample your way through authentic Israeli street food.

4. Hot chocolate

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Even if this doesn't actually belong in the “cheap food” category, hot chocolate is one of those sweets that France prides itself on - especially if it's Angelina's! When I tried this thick, creamy mass - with just the right amount of sugar - for the first time, I could feel the broadest smile of my life spread across my face - it tastes so good! Angelina has two locations: The mostly full and more formal café near the Louvre, where you will probably have to queue for this chocolaty dream, and the shop in the Left Bank, where you can only order the hot chocolate to take away - and at that you never have to wait long

5. Picnic with food from the market


Parisians (and the French in general) place a high value on food, so having the right mental attitude is essential when looking for cheap food in Paris. Shopping in the market is practically a sport here: the best vegetables, the best cheese, the best meat and the best fruit can be found here - all after detailed discussions with the retailer about origin, production processes, taste and freshness. Needless to say, the selection of markets scattered across the city is incredible - and mostly cheaper than the supermarket options. So inquire about the best market near a park that you would like to picnic in and find what you would like to have for a picnic - at an affordable price. My favorite markets are Marché D’Aligre - for the best value for money - and the Bellville Sunday markets, on Rue des Pyrénées, because of their low prices and the close proximity to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

6. Fondue

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You probably know what a fondue is - that wonderful pot full of melted cheese mixed with white wine, which is always kept hot over a small flame on the table and into which you can dip your fresh, French baguette. A DREAM and also incredibly cheap - if you know the right place! I recommend Le Chalet Savoyard for fondue and every branch of Les Fondus de la Raclette, for traditional fondue and the equally delicious cousin: raclette.

7. Burger


Paris is addicted to burgers and I support this addiction with all my heart - by that I mean the multitude of incredibly good burgers in this city. From the classic, which can be found on almost every bistro menu, to the hipster hotspot that serve their burgers with a modern twist: Paris has the burger of your dreams - for usually less than € 10. My hipster favorites are Paris New York (vegetarians line up for the fried mushroom and cheese patty), Blend, Le Camion Qui Fume, and Frenchie To Go. Big Fernand also has good reviews for its burgers with French specialties and Le Ruisseau would be the place to go if you're looking for a finer, more French twist on the American classic. If you just want cheap places to eat, the nearest French bistro is the best place to go for a quick burger.

8. Indian

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I was lucky enough to be able to accompany one of my friends to “Little India” in Paris recently. During his eight years in Paris, this friend personally tried every single one of the Indian restaurants around the Gare du Nore station. Paris has its very own slice of India here, full of authentic, inexpensive Indian food - the perfect place if you need a break from all that French food, or if you are a vegetarian or vegan looking for cheap, good food. Saravanaa Bhavan and Sangeetha have great vegetarian options and Muniyandi Vilas serves fantastic Sri Lankan food as well as Indian dosa pancakes. Basically, however: Just follow your nose and look around for popular restaurants to see where the best Indian food is.

9. Asian


Paris has a small Japanese street, along Rue Saint-Anne, right in the city center. Between some of the oldest and most famous buildings, such as the Madeleine and the Opèra Garnier, you will find noodles, sushi, teppanyaki and also a few Korean restaurants so that it is not too monotonous. My friends and I always end up in the Higuma, with a portion of Chinese / Japanese noodle soup, in the Kunitoraya for Udon or in the Aki for the Japanese curry. As in “Little India”, the same applies here: Always follow your nose and keep an eye out for popular restaurants. You can't go wrong here, no matter where you go. And everyone can really fill their stomach with delicious food for little money. Tip: It is best to come before 8 p.m., otherwise you will have to be prepared for queues and waiting times to get a table.

10. Street food markets


Whether it's cheap food in Paris, or anywhere else in the world, what traveler or student doesn't know that for budget-friendly dining, they have to look for street food? Paris, the city of many students and travelers, has a great selection of street food. Ground Control has a number of delicious food stalls set up by some of the coolest restaurants in town. Another option is the Marché des Enfants Rouges in the Marais, which offers a mix of inexpensive dishes such as Moroccan tagine, burgers, sandwiches and Japanese noodles. The best (or worst) thing about Parisian street food is that it is always served with a bit of hipster on the side, meaning you always have people to watch while you enjoy your cheap meal.

11. Moroccan


France's close proximity to the North African country of Morocco means that the nearest Moroccan restaurant is actually never far away - no matter where you are in Paris. Chez Omar and the nearby Zerda Café, with the pretty Moroccan tiled door, both offer very good and cheap options - including the Moroccan tagine, which is always a healthy, tasty and cheap meal. Le Traiteur Marocain in the Marché des Enfants Rouges undercover street food market is a great choice for incredibly delicious Moroccan cuisine, in a relaxed setting.

12. Ice, ice, ice

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If you need something sweet on your exploration tour of Paris, the best option is île Saint-Louis, a small island between the Left and Right Banks in Paris. Here you can choose between some of the best ice cream stands in town, or go straight to the shop of the famous Berthillion, which was founded right here and offers really wonderful ice cream. However, if it's more like Italian gelato, you should go to Pozzetto in the Marais or Grom, where you have a great selection of different providers.

13. African with cocktails


Le Comptoir Général in the cool Canal Saint-Martin area in Paris ’east is guaranteed to be one of the most impressive bars in the world. Here you sit surrounded by African decorations and French antiques, in what looks like a greenhouse, with a wooden pirate ship as a bar. The best time to come is on Sundays for brunch or any other day of the week for cheap and authentic West African and Caribbean To try cuisine. If you then order a cocktail at the pirate ship bar, it's a perfect day!

14. Healthy American

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With so many Americans living in Paris, it's no wonder there is plenty of American food to be found too. My favorite niche on the Parisian food scene is the healthy version of the American classics. I go to Bob’s Kitchen at least once a week for a large portion of vegetables in their well-known and inexpensive vegetable broth. They also offer very tasty soups; Bagles, fruit bowls and pancakes. Hank Burger and Hank Pizza are also great options for cheap food in Paris, as well as extremely tasty vegan burgers and pizzas.

15. Cambodian

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Le Petit Cambodge is Paris ’most popular Cambodian, with two locations in Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin. The menu includes noodle soup, fresh salads and delicious curries, as well as Cambodian and Vietnamese beer - all at affordable prices, of course. Who says cheap food in Paris has to be unhealthy ?!

16. French

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OK, if you are in France and actually want to eat French food without breaking your budget, I have a few tips of course. In the east of Paris there is modern and quality French food at fair prices - Café de L'Industrie offers the classic, wooden French bistro decor and bistro food with a modern twist, while Chartier and Bistrot Victoire serve the traditional French classics with sweet seating .

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🇫🇷 Where do you go for cheap food in Paris? Street food or would you prefer a traditional market? Share it with us in the comments!

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