How do you keep grapes fresh longer?

Keep roses fresh longer

The rose is considered the queen of flowers. In order to live up to its reputation as a particularly noble flower, it is very in need of care and demands a lot of attention - as it should be for a queen. Therefore, there are a few important tips to keep in mind to ensure that the Roses fresh for a long time and stay shining.

The right bleed

Roses and other cut flowers are common already cut at an anglewhen you buy them. Nevertheless, you should cut the flowers again at home with a sharp kitchen knife. This not only has the advantage that you can adapt the roses perfectly to the size of your vase - the cut also ensures that the surface that may already be colonized by bacterial microorganisms is removed. That way you make sure that the Interface really fresh and the rose can optimally absorb water.

Important: cut roses and other cut flowers never with scissors at. This ensures that the water channels are crushed and the flowers cannot absorb the water properly. For this reason, the widespread tip of knocking the stems of the rose flat with a hammer is absolutely obsolete and not recommended.

Fresh water

Cut roses stay fresh for a long timeif you too Always fresh water is. To ensure this, the following tips are essential:

  • Thoroughly clean the flower vase before use to remove any bacteria.
  • Cut off leaves that would stand in the water - this will reduce the build-up of bacteria.
  • Change the water daily or every two days.
  • Cut the roses every time you change the water.
  • Always use lukewarm water.

Roses also love to stand in deep water. Always fill the vase so that at least half of each stem in the water stands.

Perfectly arranged

Roses like it when you put them in Vases with a large opening represents. This ensures that the flowers can unfold. On the other hand, very narrow vases often cause roses to rot more quickly.

In addition, it is important that you do not put fresh roses in a vase with older ones put. The advanced wilting process of the older flowers would cause the fresh flowers to buckle prematurely. Always put fresh roses in a fresh vase.

The choice of location

As already described at the beginning, the rose is a true diva among cut flowers. This is also reflected in the choice of your location. Like roses neither draft nor direct sun nor heat - Be sure to take this into account when choosing the location.

On the other hand roses last a particularly long time, If you overnight in a dark, cool place be asked. During the day, they can then be taken out again and arranged in the hallway or on the dining table, for example.

When choosing the location of your roses (and any other cut flowers) there is one important thing to keep in mind: The cut flowers do not like the company of fruit. The reason for this is the ripening gas ethylene, which comes from ripe fruit. This is significantly involved in a faster wilting process.

The use of freshness-retaining agents

Freshness retention agent are an easy and popular way to Care of roses. The powdery agents that are added to the flower water prevent the formation of putrefactive bacteria. This leaves the Roses stay fresh longer. It is important that you do not put the flowers in the vase until the powder has completely dissolved.

If you take care of your roses every day and give them the attention they demand, you will enjoy the bouquet for a long time. Most importantly, you always ensure that the water is fresh and that the roses are placed in a suitable location.