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[Manga] Terra Formars

  • Actually, I was hoping that there would already be a thread where I can just post, but apparently I have to create one myself first ^^ '

    I started watching anime again a few months ago and I orientated myself well to legal sites like Crunchyroll or Netflix. One of the first series of my "anime revival" was Terra Formars, which I followed on Crunchyroll. I liked the theme and the style and after a while - I think it took five episodes - I really liked the anime. After completing the series, I bought the first volume of the manga, which will be published by Tokyopop in Germany, and I actually like it even better.

    I'll try to briefly touch the story, at the risk of forgetting something:

    Terra Formars is set around the year 2,500 (I don't have the exact year in mind) and mankind has long since started to prepare the planet Mars for human colonization. This process is known as terraforming. For this purpose, algae and cockroaches have been brought to Mars, which are needed to create a vital atmosphere. A few years later, a first team (BUGS1) travels to Mars, but it never returns. A few years later, a second team (BUGS2) starts, the members of which are no longer simple astronauts, but have already undergone an operation that strengthens them physically. When they arrive on Mars, they discover BUGS1's spaceship and the reason for the failure of the previous team: human-sized cockroaches. BUGS2 also only barely escapes extinction by the so-called terraformars, because only two members make it back to earth alive.
    The above-mentioned events are only dealt with in the first volume of the manga, because the rest revolves around the third Mars team, who set off for the Red Planet with the spaceship Annex I. The reason for this is the search for a vaccine, because a deadly virus is spreading on earth, the origin of which is linked to the Mars missions. Instead of the bugs operation that the members of BUGS2 received, the members of Annex I have undergone the so-called mosaic organ operation, whereby not only insect DNA but also all other animal and even plant DNA is incorporated into the human genome can be.
    Even before the team from Annex I lands on Mars, any feeling of superiority disappears, because the terraformars have also evolved over time ...

    So, I think that's enough for a rough introduction. What I like about the manga is first of all the futuristic setting and the plot. With the anime, as already mentioned, it took a while to warm up to it, but my mind has changed mainly because of this DNA story and the transformations that went with it. This is really a cool thing. I also like the way the characters are presented. They all got into an emergency situation at some point and you only gradually learn why they are participating in this dangerous mission in the first place. One last big plus for me is the design of the manga. The manga is a bit more expensive at just under 10 euros per volume, but it is also very stylish. I lose my motivation sooner or later with mangas, but the larger format means that the already ingenious drawings come into their own and allow me to better immerse myself in the plot. There are now five volumes and I can't get enough of it, even though I already know a lot from the anime, of course.

    Is anyone else reading the manga here? If not, you can get one here Reading sample view: click
  • Terra Formars is probably one of the most hated manga in the USA. Why this is so will always remain a mystery to me. But then to spam the profiles of the makers at MyAnimelist with low-level messages is childish³. That is why Terra Formars is all the more popular in Japan. A live-action film by Takashi Miike is coming soon.
    I don't know exactly what some expect from Terra Formas, but if you're looking for emotion and drama, you should probably start another series
    For many, Terra Formas is on a similar level to Gantz. The cockroaches are actually always at an advantage, completely overpowered and thus the body count of protagonists is already preprogrammed: D

    I've read the first three volumes here, but so far only read the first because I have some other manga here that I need to read. Volume 1 was a great debut. Of course, I don't know if all the splatter won't get monotonous at some point, but at the moment I still really enjoy Terra Formars. I don't think Tokyoopop is expecting a huge rush either and has therefore released the slightly more expensive edition, in large format with flap brochure, to appeal to collectors.

    Before I go on with Terra Formars, however, the first double volume by Sun-Ken Rock is on. That’s where it’s supposed to get down to business.
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  • I started reading the manga a few years ago and I stopped at Chapter 52 - roughly

    I liked the manga at first, Volume 1 was great. The amount of pages, the pacing & all the different characters. I never thought of that

    Spoilers: Ads
    Israeli dies so quickly. He was simply put down as Rambo and a few pages later he was no longer alive ^^

    and other things that I liked. I found the idea of ​​the different nationalities awesome, if I'm honest, although I can imagine that some people are put off because not all countries have their "heroes". Some are portrayed very badly ^^

    My favorite character is and will be

    Spoilers: Ads

    the German, Adolf, I can empathize with it, fight, fight, it doesn't make sense, but you keep fighting anyway - just to die miserably. Fought in my whole life and never had the chance to really enjoy anything and more bad things.

    I am glad that you really show the rough side of life & not give everyone a release or a happy ending. It's very sad, but creatively it's nice that you also show the evil side of human existence - that life consists of nepotism as well as coincidence & nothing else. I find the approach particularly valuable from a literary point of view.

    my 2nd favorite character is

    Spoilers: Ads

    the boxer, I don't want to write too much about that, it actually clears up by itself

    At Chapter 52 I canceled the manga because it was a bit too repetitive for me. It's a great manga, but I want the story to be told further. ^^ That's why I paused the manga & will continue reading it soon, because I really want to know how it will all develop.

    Spoilers: Ads
    Actually, everything looks pretty desperate. During the mission there was a mishap after the others ^^ I really wonder what will come next ^^
  • I also find Adolf particularly interesting because he has a very special fighting style and a particularly tragic past. Apart from Shokichi Komachi, who is something like the protagonist in the first volume, I don't think any other character has been presented in such detail (especially in anime). What else I find interesting:
    Spoilers: Ads
    Adolf is in second place in the Mars ranking, which I would not have expected, because Akari and Michelle have a special position due to their origins.
    Unfortunately, the many allusions to Hitler seem a bit trashy and out of place.

    Otherwise, I still like Marcos and Alex because they still loosen up the mood a bit and both have very cool transformations.

    In Japan the manga is now in 12 volumes and I hope you don't overdo it. 20-25 would be ideal, but let's see how the story develops.
  • Somnium wrote:

    As for Adolf: I only know him from the first episode of the anime so far, but he seems to have a relatively large fan base.

    to your spoiler Somnium
    Spoilers: Ads

    The question is actually difficult to answer. It actually ends up as cockroach food (which makes things even more sad, since it really only lost & never enjoyed anything), but after that there is a dialogue between the Japanese unit (Akari and someone) who are sort of expressing their hopes & somehow leaves the thought that he is still alive, whether that is so or not, I don't know, will be clarified sooner or later ^^

    I totally forgot about Marcos. At first I didn't like Marcos at all, because I thought he was the typical Hau-Drauf guy, but later you can also see his other, cool sides, he won my heart. ^^

    The boxer's name came to mind. His name is Keiji Onizuka! I also like the information about the insect world. I mean, it's actually pretty cool what the insects can do in our flora and fauna. I never thought the insect world was so interesting.

    Unfortunately, the many allusions to Hitler seem a bit trashy and out of place.

    Are they really that frequent? except for the name (including nationality) I haven't noticed anything ^^

    In Japan the manga is now in 12 volumes and I hope you don't overdo it. 20-25 would be ideal, but let's see how the story develops.

    I hope so too, Deadman Wonderland has proven that a good manga doesn't have to be very long to be good / successful. The manga is still well known even though it was completed a long time ago. I hope the maker of Terra Formars has a philosophy similar to that of the maker of the Deadman Wonderlands manga.

    In general, I have the feeling that the mangaka may run out of ideas in terms of personalities. That was already showing signs of wear and tear. I'm curious how he'll compensate for that. That's kind of the main problem with manga with many characters. Some develop too much in templates or character X looks like a mixture of character C and J from the volume "so & so.

    Regarding the Mars ranking:

    Spoilers: Ads

    No information, where you are, but the Mars rankings look so badly analyzed, there are places in the manga where you can tell that the analysts of the ranking system ... (spoiler) ^^
    There are already some trivial plot errors in the ranking - I think ^^