Why is it so important to people for success?

Happy but broke: 9 characteristics of really successful people

Success is equated with material wealth. The fine town house, the big car in front of the door, the € 500 koi in the garden pond. Those who can offer all of this are considered successful and good at their job in our society. But if you are at the beginning of your self-employment, are completing a traineeship or are climbing the career ladder in another way, then you are sometimes happy if you can afford a pizza with a football game. But are you unsuccessful because of that?

No, finds Travis Bradberry and makes it clear on Entrepreneur.com that we not only can measure success differently, we should also measure it differently. If we dig a little deeper and consult a survey, only 20 percent think it makes sense to equate financial prosperity with success. An unbeatable 90 percent, on the other hand, are certain that satisfaction and happiness are far better indicators.

9 tangible indicators of success

Happiness is very subjective - that can hardly be denied. To find out if you are successful, Bradberry has put together nine tangible indicators to help you see your success.

  1. Empathy is your middle name. Is someone successful who walks over corpses for his career? Maybe yesterday. In the meantime, bosses who make themselves the center of the universe are no longer in demand, and therefore no successful people either. However, if you can empathize with other people, understand their motives and goals and also get involved with individual needs when working with them, then you will be successful.
  2. You are no stranger to optimism. Those who are happier are more successful. Sounds easy, but it may not always be. Seeing everything in a positive light and expecting the best is hard work. But work that pays off, because we now know that happy people are also financially more successful. And yes, we had to do this arc again. After all, money isn't entirely unimportant, is it? The reason why optimists are happier and more successful is, by the way, a very simple one. If something goes wrong, do not blame yourself, but rather blame it on your fate with a shrug - and just carry on.
  3. You receive failure with open arms. “You learn from mistakes!” Our parents told us. And they were right. Those who do not relate failures to themselves and thus take them personally, but use them as an opportunity for further development, are successful. Constant lamenting about what you did wrong or should have done better only slows you down, but doesn't get you any further.
  4. Others’s problems are bigger than yours. Granted, sometimes a little self-pity is nice. But you are successful when you see how small your problems are compared to those of others. A full refrigerator or a safe place to live is fundamentally more important than the fact that the next transport is still a bit long in coming.
  5. You can ask for help. Young professionals in particular see success in doing as much as possible on their own. Of course, it is never wrong to have a broad range of skills. But you prove emotional intelligence if you know exactly when to ask for help and how whom. Because success is not just about knowing what you can do. It is also the knowledge of one's own limits of ability.
  6. You celebrate the successes of others. Envy has no place among successful people. If you want to be successful, you have to learn to be happy for the successes of others - even if you lose to them. Those who are successful know that their hour will strike and that their success will not be diminished if others sometimes pass them by.
  7. "Drama, baby!" Is up to Bruce Darnell. Drama is exciting and entertaining. But you are only successful if you value stability and bring it into your life. Create a basis for yourself on which you can build - whether privately or at work - in order to achieve your success.
  8. You don't care what other people think. Blinders aren't exactly a sign of success. However, to go your way straight ahead without listening to the left and right, what the others are whispering about you. Success is when you don't care what other people think of you. Because opinions are not a mirror of reality. If you understand this difference, you are successful.
  9. You change what you can change. Being successful doesn't always mean being in control. But it means taking the reins in hand. Your horse can still go through, but you have realized that you can change direction. Conversely, this also means that you can accept things whose changes are beyond your control.

Is it really that simple?

The points put together by Bradberry definitely have their raison d'etre. In fact, a certain emotional success, let's call it inner growth, can be well defined with these nine points. Nevertheless: the whole thing is certainly considered a little idealistic. Because even if money is not everything, everyone's goal must be to be able to make a good living from their work and also to finance one or the other commercial dream. To make success dependent solely on inner growth and not also on the bank balance sounds good in theory, almost romantic. However, none of this has much to do with reality.

What do you think about this topic? Are these nine points enough for you to define success? What might be missing from the list? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Linda Ewaldt studied German and psychology in Hamburg and then sniffed the editorial air in small startups and large companies. Since then she has been working as a freelancer and her specialties are career and health. She prefers to write articles for OnlineMarketing.de that combine both.