What do teachers really think of students

What we always wanted to know - Do teachers blaspheme students?

Do you sometimes find your lessons boring?

Florian Hartmann teaches German and music at the Erich-Kästner-Gymnasium.

"What am I supposed to do with it? It's really unnecessary." Sure, I often thought that as a student. That's why I think it's okay if some students can't do anything with it when they learn chords in music lessons, for example. If they think that Everyone has a topic they don't like. If they are motivated to come back to the next topic, that's not a problem.

But that's also something you learn at school: how to deal with things that you don't really feel like doing. So the students learn something for life in school. You will be placed in a mixed class and then have to work together with the others and also make friends. You always come back to such situations later.

Of course, as a teacher, it is also important to make the lessons varied. It's annoying when someone tells you about a horse for 90 minutes while scribbling on the board. I try to surprise the students from time to time - but above all to always come to class in a good mood. And when the subject of “opera” comes up in music lessons, I don't say that at first, but let the students replay a dialogue or translate the text into current language. If you immediately say that the new topic is “opera”, some people switch off straight away. But still there is bound to be at least one student in every lesson who is bored - that's the way it is.

Recorded by Hannah Scheiwe

Do you have a private life?

We asked a teacher for history, religion and German who wanted to remain anonymous.

Of course I have a private life! Even if the end of school doesn't mean the end of work for me. For me, Sunday is often the first working day of the week. I am often at the end of my tether, especially in the exam phase. Fortunately, I don't just have teacher friends. In my free time I also want to talk about things other than my job. Pupils may wonder about this and therefore look away ashamed when they see me in town. I don't think that's that bad and leave her alone. Even in the club, no teacher will say, “Come on, let's celebrate together.” That would be just as weird for us as it would for the students.

Somehow I am a typical teacher when it comes to my hobbies. My interests are already subject-specific: I sometimes wait weeks full of excitement for books on exciting historical topics! But I try to separate professional and private matters: I find it difficult to write on WhatsApp with students, and I don't want to answer homework questions on the sofa in the evenings. To do this, I try to switch off the well-intentioned teachers know-it-all after work - and not teach my friends like students.

Recorded by Katharina Kunert

Do you enjoy your job?

Nicole Kitzel teaches German and history at the IGS Mühlenberg.

I never wanted to get as old-fashioned and boring as some of my teachers used to be. My idea of ​​the perfect teacher has remained even after almost 20 years of work: I not only want to teach the students German and history, but also help them to become independent people. Being able to argue or discuss problems is also helpful in everyday life, for example. I don't want to dull either, I don't want to use the same copies for 20 years and always tell the same thing. It's easy, but it's not fun for either the students or me.

Sometimes, of course, I'm already annoyed with my job - for example, when I have to correct exams at the weekend. Or when the parents' day is due again. It's just as exhausting for me as it is for some students. Anyway, the students have somehow become more rebellious and disrespectful. That annoys me, and I have to keep making it clear where the limits are. Still, I have never regretted being a teacher. If the students suddenly have creative ideas when interpreting a poem that is difficult, I know: I have chosen the right profession.

Recorded by Sophie Leyh

Are you stressed out on school trips?

Sascha Meixner, teacher for mathematics and physics at the IGS Langenhagen.

On class trips you get to know the students in a completely different way than in the stressful everyday school life. Sometimes the silent mouse on the trip suddenly turns out to be the group leader - that's funny. Whether a class trip is really fun or just exhausting always depends on the class and the colleagues.

In the run-up to the class trips, I of course think about it a lot - I'm responsible for a large group around the clock, which can be scary. And you never know if everything will go as planned. Once a train was three hours late, so we missed a ferry. That was really annoying.

Recorded by Leandra Morich

Do teachers blaspheme too?

We asked a math and French teacher who wants to remain anonymous.

The gossip is just as common in the staff room as in the school yard! If a student is suddenly disrespectful, we discuss it among colleagues, but also if a new couple is spotted in the playground. It's exciting to see who is with whom. What the students think of me and my lessons is important to me - after all, we learn together.