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What does a website cost? 7 website types in the cost check

1. Landing page: You don't need any programming knowledge to put a one-pager online. Regardless of whether you create a simple sales page or a simple informative homepage, the cost and technical effort is low. A website builder is sufficient. As long as there are interfaces to e-mail marketing systems, e-mail addresses can also be collected and sales generated by forwarding them to shop systems.

Difficulty level: easy

2. Portfolio: If you want to present your creative work online, you may come to your limits with website builders because you want to adapt the design more extensively or add new content more conveniently. In this case, you use CMS systems such as WordPress or TYPO3, which even non-technical experts can achieve professional results without too great a desire for customization.

Difficulty level: easy

3. Blog / magazine: If you want to publish new content on your website regularly, value creative design, collect e-mail addresses from readers and possibly sell individual products, you will not be happy with modular systems. A CMS is then the better choice. Often, however, you will also have individualization requests here, which require programming knowledge to implement.

Difficulty level: medium

4. Microsite: To create interactive websites on a niche topic and realize fancy designs, you need developer skills. Microsites are usually completely or partially programmed individually. As a non-developer, you are dependent on freelancers or agency support.

Difficulty level: medium

5. Corporate website: You can create a simple company website with a modular system without touching a line of code. However, if you have higher requirements for your presence on the Internet, individual development is usually used. The difficulty of implementation increases, especially with multilingual websites, pages with dynamic content and integrated applications.

Difficulty level: easy to high

6. Online shop: A simple online shop can be implemented yourself with modular systems. Larger online shops with more extensive assortments are technically demanding projects due to the integrated ordering and payment processes. You should also consider the costs of payment solutions and shipping processing.

Difficulty level: medium to high

7. Web app: Online applications are the supreme discipline in web development. Depending on the range of functions, up to six-digit website costs can be incurred for individual programming. Such projects can only be managed with an agency or a competent freelancer team, provided that you have your own project management skills.

Level of difficulty: high