How are B2B email lists beneficial?

Build Your Email List With These 15 Tips

6. Exclusive events for subscribers

Depending on the industry, the newsletter registration can also be combined with an exclusive event for subscribers. This is not only a great opportunity for businesses to thank their subscribers, but also to get to know them better.

7. Advance information against email address

Users and, of course, existing customers who are actually interested in the company want to find out more. That is why the promise of exclusive information and other content that is only accessible to newsletter subscribers is a particularly effective lead magnet for highly interested users. This also includes passing on important news to the newsletter subscribers first and only publishing them on the website at a later date.

8. Integrate pop-up or slide-in windows

Well thought-out pop-ups, seen more as retargeting, can remind users to register for the newsletter. The content is tailored to user behavior. If a user stays on the website for a certain period of time, such a pop-up can be displayed with information that matches the content just seen. In addition to the type of information displayed, the time at which it is displayed is also important. Pop-ups that are only displayed when leaving the website can also persuade the user to register.

9. Pop-up poll with timer

Companies that want to give their users some time with the content of the website can opt for a pop-up with a “timer”. These are only displayed when the user has stayed on the website for a certain period of time in order to thoroughly perceive the content. Users who have dealt with the content for a long time are more likely to see the value of the content and are therefore ready to react to a pop-up. Surveys are particularly suitable for such pop-up windows. These refer to the content you have just read, which increases your chance of success.

10. Emphasize the value of registration in the Call To Action

Not only the type and time of a pop-up window play a role, but also its content. A special focus is on the call to action. Because quite a few users shy away from registering because they are afraid of irrelevant e-mails, a different choice of words is appropriate. Typical vocabulary such as “register” or “log in” should be avoided.

Instead, the real value behind registering for the newsletter should be emphasized. Here, for example, reference could be made to the exclusive download or a special access. It is important to emphasize that this is exclusive content that is not available to non-registered website visitors.

11. Talk to known contacts

Companies that do not yet have a noticeably extensive mailing list, but have contacts in social platforms, could use them. A company's own e-mail in the profile can inform followers who are not yet registered about the newsletter and prompt them to register.

Some followers may then decide to register for the newsletter. If you only have a few followers, you can indicate the newsletter registration in the email signature. In this way, everyday communication via email can potentially win one or the other interested party for the newsletter.

12. Expand landing pages

The more specifically a landing page communicates the individual interests of a target customer, the more likely it is that they will register for the newsletter. The more specialized landing pages a company can set up, the greater the likelihood of covering the interests of users as finely as possible. Here it is important to analyze exactly which interests exist with the target customers and where the company can still use potential with regard to its landing pages.

13. Use landing pages that convert well

If a landing page can be identified that has a particularly high conversion rate, this page can also be used for the newsletter list. With a clearly designed pop-up and a suitable call to action, companies use the already existing success to expand their mailing list.

14. Call To Action on the “About Us” page

There is a lot of hidden potential in the "About Us" pages. On this page, users can find out more about the company, its product areas and possibly also the company's history. But because users with already existing interests in companies and products visit this page, it is ideal for a call to action. Here users who are already informed can be asked to register for the newsletter in a very unobtrusive way.

15. Social media ads for more reach

If you advertise your newsletter via ads, you can draw the attention of new target customers. Ads in the social media channels with their particularly suitable features are ideal, for example through lead ads: Here, target customers can be selected who are very similar to existing customers - ideal prerequisites for success.