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The landing page: digital entrance door for potential customers

The best content is of no use if it is poorly conveyed. With landing pages as with websites in general, there is therefore a optimal usability ("Usability") on: The user must quickly get an overview and be able to orientate himself without any problems. The structure and design of the landing page should "pick up" them directly, provide them with basic information and lead them directly to their destination. If the page is too confusing, he can quickly lose interest. If he then interrupts the process, the increase Bounce rate ("Bounce Rate") of the page. Abortions and short dwell times not only prevent conversions and leads, but also have a negative effect on search engine rankings. Therefore, the most important information should be economical, compact and placed in individual blocks one below the other on one page and be clearly visible.

A good landing page is not an abstract work of art, but one appealing, clear and targeted offer page. The visual design therefore has the effect of good cosmetics: It corresponds to the offer, looks attractive, but not overloaded. In terms of color scheme and image composition supportedthe design the content, does not overlay or distract from them. A color scheme that matches the offer is therefore nuanced, harmonious and in line with the corporate identity (CI). If the CI is rather conservative, the landing page should not be too boring. Artful landing pages, on the other hand, must not appear too chaotic or garish, as this can also deter or confuse the user.

The style of the original ad (e.g. an advertising banner) is ideally reflected in the color scheme, font and images on the landing page. To optimize for mobile use, landing pages should have a responsive or adaptive design for smartphones and tablets. This ensures that the content is also well presented on the go and can be used without any problems. This convinces users who like to take advantage of offers flexibly on the go, and also improves the ranking in the search engines.

Arrange your landing page content sparingly and in such a way that the offer is accessible without cumbersome clicking through, searching or detours. The use of typographic space ("Whitespaces") helps to loosen up the look of a page and to create an overview. Depending on the density of information, it can even make sense to place all essential content in the first browser view so that the user no longer has to scroll. The optimal landing page therefore follows a tight scheme - compact, fast and clear:

  • Introduction: Logo, headline and introduction with a representative picture
  • Product description: most important information, USPs (unique selling points), price, advantages, functionality
  • Call-to-action with text and / or image
  • References: testimonials, certificates, proof of quality

This is not just for visual reasons - too large amounts of data, high-resolution images, unnecessary plug-ins or pointless additional functions can slow down the loading times of the landing page and cause error messages that put the customer off the page. For the Landing page performance it is therefore important to adjust them regularly and use Data analysis, A / B tests and error checks continuously optimize. Only if you know which elements of the landing page customers jump to can you make them efficient and profitable in the long term.