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Studying information science qualifies you to acquire and process information. You learn to analyze, present and evaluate information. Whether we use public libraries or use modern technologies such as smartphones and the Internet, today we come into contact with media and information almost everywhere. This makes it all the more important to have specialists who can process and manage information.

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Is the degree program right for me?

The Information Science course is right for you if you enjoy working with databases and technical systems. You should also be familiar with the new web technologies, mobile technologies and social media. An interest in economic topics is also required.

For admission, the general university entrance qualification, the subject-related university entrance qualification or the technical college entrance qualification is required depending on the university. As a rule, the information science course is restricted by a numerus clausus or the university's own selection process. So it may be that you need a certain minimum grade, take an aptitude test or submit a letter of motivation.

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