Why should i use AWeber

Why I'm switching from Aweber to Klick Tipp

Click tipVersion 3 of the German autoresponder service from Mario Wolosz is now available. The autoresponder has been further developed and many new features make email marketing easier and more effective than ever before.

I've been with the American autoresponder service Aweber for over a year now. And I am very happy with it. It is not for nothing that Aweber is considered an autoresponder by Internet marketing professionals.

However, one thing has always bothered me a lot - Aweber is only available in English. I can speak English relatively well, but it is still very tedious to work with English-language software all the time.

In addition, Aweber cannot handle German umlauts. This is very annoying, because if someone signs in with the name Jürgen, for example, it looks like this at Aweber: Jürgen. Not particularly beautiful, is it?

Since there was no real German alternative to Aweber so far (apart from the flat rate newsletter, but it can't keep up with Aweber's functions), I probably had to put up with these disadvantages.

But now there is finally a German autoresponder that can hold a candle to Aweber - click tip.

Klick-Tipp is a development by Internet marketer Mario Wolosz, who many of my readers should already be familiar with. He and his team have been working on the perfect one for over 2 years Autoresponder for the German internet marketing market around. I really like what has happened over the past few months.

I already worked with Klick-Tipp on a customer order in September last year. We tested different autoresponders together. Including click tip.

And I have to honestly say that Klick-Tipp didn't convince me back then. Because some things were simply not yet fully developed and some important functions that are standard at Aweber were not yet integrated.

With click tip 3, however, the world looks completely different. Mario Wolosz presented his autoresponder to us in detail at the Internet Marketing Congress a few weeks ago in Berlin. And I have to admit, he and his team went to great lengths.

So all the functions that I missed last year are now built in. And many other great new features that make the switch to Klick-Tipp more than interesting for German Internet marketers.

I don't want to tell too much here. Just watch the => questions and answers video about Klick-Tipp. In it, Mario Wolosz explains exactly what Klick-Tipp can now do and what advantages YOU have from it.

Klick Tipp convinced me in any case. Finally an autoresponder in German, with simple operation and lots of extremely professional and useful functions. And at a price that is not significantly higher than Aweber's.

If you are looking for a really good German autoresponder yourself, then it is definitely worth taking a closer look at Klick-Tipp. Watch the FAQ video and decide for yourself.

Now I still hope that everything goes smoothly with the change from Aweber to Klick-Tipp. And then I'll be making a personal comparison here shortly. I'm curious who will do better in the end.