What fees does Steam charge developers

How does Valve (Steam) pay the developers / publishers?

Hello everybody,

In the last few months I have always been short of money. After deducting all fixed costs, I have over € 750 per month. At the moment I still live alone, but my girlfriend is still with me often, but she also pays off and sometimes the purchase. So I would still design the whole thing for 1 person.

From next month I'll keep a budget book to see where the money is going. Still, I would like to know how much money a person needs to live per week.

When it comes to eating, I'm pretty simple. I rarely go out to eat, no fast food, etc. Mainly rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish. I usually cook my food in advance and take it with me to work. (Of course there is no fish every day, but it should be once a week.) I don't buy any drinks. The only thing I eat is tea and tap water. I do not need more. So you can see that I spend most of my money on "junk".

So I would like to know how much money I should need per week, I would withdraw this amount and see how it goes. Nevertheless, I would like to go out on the weekend, go to the cinema, party or do something nice with my girlfriend.

My plan so far has been this. In any case, from the coming month I would like to set aside 300 € for other unplanned expenses (vacation, washing machine, repairs, etc.) So if I then split the remaining amount into 4 parts, 450/4 = 112.50 € remain. Personally, I think the € 112.50 for 1 person is too much, even if I should do something on the weekend.

How would you go about it? Put more on the side? Withdraw less in order to still have a buffer and then save the remaining amount? Withdraw the amount and what remains in a money box?

I would be happy about a few tips.