Why is Portland Oregon so liberal

Violence in Portland"A symbolically highly dangerous situation"

Demonstrations against police violence and racism have been taking place in US cities like Portland for two months. In addition to the peaceful protests, there were multiple clashes between demonstrators and security forces. US President Donald Trump then sent federal police officers to Portland.

(www.imago-images.de) Donald Trump wants to make an example in Portland
Since the death of George Floyd, protesters have been protesting in Portland every evening. President Donald Trump sent special forces. These are methods of state arbitrariness, says Thilo Kößler.

Such an operation is constitutionally possible and has also occurred in the history of the USA, said the former Minister of State for Culture and USA expert Michael Naumann in the Dlf. But these troops appeared in a "civil war-like outfit". "That was what I think was a highly dangerous, symbolically highly dangerous situation in Oregon".

The pictures reminded him of the Weimar Republic. But the size of the country and the different levels of consciousness between the east and west coasts in the USA make civil war-like or revolutionary situations unlikely.

Dossier: Racism (picture alliance / NurPhoto / Beata Zawrzel)

Parallels to the 68 generation

Portland is a Democratic-ruled city that is considered to be left-wing liberal. That is also a reason why there are demonstrations against racism, especially there. Michael Naumann draws parallels to the generation of 68, to which he himself belongs: "I saw the whole thing as a re-edition of this youthful protest movement".

The "civil rights movement almost half a century ago" is also comparable, according to Michael Naumann. The civil rights movement of that time had achieved a lot, but not enough - a departure from the "ingrown structures of racism" was needed. America is also able to do this.