How can matched betting work?

Matched Betting - Explanation and information about match betting

Matched betting is a topic that comes up from time to time, but very few understand it. We bring light into the dark and shed light on the betting method that bookmakers don't like to see. How does match betting work, what are the advantages and disadvantages? We hope that after reading this article you are a little smarter than you were before.

That's what the term match betting is all about

Every sane bookmaker these days offers one Betting bonus for new customers. If he does not do this, it will be difficult to assert oneself against the competition in the highly competitive betting market. And that's exactly what players try to take advantage of through so-called match betting. They place different bonuses with different sports betting providers so that they definitely have one collect secure profit. More and more players are trying to secure winnings with match betting.

Development in Google Trends: Matched Betting is continuously increasing in search queries. More and more people are looking for instructions, strategies and experience reports on match betting.

Match betting is already being used by large and well-known newspapers. A long time ago there was even an extensive article in The Guardian entitled “Free bets mean you can clean up as bookies meet their match„.

Newspaper article on matched betting in The Guardian newspaper.

The process of using the matched betting approach is quite simple, but it requires patience. We explain how this works in detail in the following section.

This is how matched betting works in detail

The principle of match betting works like this: You get a betting bonus from provider A and choose a game in which two possible outcomes can occur, such as a two-way basketball bet. The odds must be more or less identical, which is usually the case with basketball with the “over / under” bet type. Now you bet on "Under" and with another Betting provider, which also provides a 100 euro betting bonus, to "Over".

Registration with 2 bookmakers with comparable welcome bonuses required

Result:You will definitely win in the end. Depending on how often the betting bonus has to be implemented, you place similar bets until the corresponding amount is cleared and you can pay it out. It is troublesome, but the sum of the many bookmakers who offer a new customer bonus can result in a nice total amount in the end - at least that's the idea behind matched betting.

A short example from practice

Suppose you bet on the betting variant "Over / Under“At a game in the NBA. The odds move at 1.90 each. Now you play with a € 100 betting bonus with bookmaker A on the under and with a further € 100 betting bonus with bookmaker B on the over. In any case, you win one of the two bets and are then 190 euros plus.

Example matched betting: With basketball over / under bets

Because: You start with a "free" credit totaling 200 euros, 190 of which remain. You repeat the same process a few more times until the required minimum sales are reached. However, you must not forget that Betting tax deducted, provided the bookmaker of your choice estimates this. Free spins based on the back and lay principle would also be possible. But that's only on one Betting exchange how betfair possible and now only offers bets in the traditional sense for German customers.

Slide betting bonus - the requirements

The requirements for match betting are very simple. You need a PC or smartphone with an internet connection and you have to at least 18 years old be. Otherwise you are generally not allowed to place sports bets in Germany. It also needs a good portion time and especially patience. Because matched betting requires exactly the two factors. If you want to push the bonus, you of course need one few betting accounts with the corresponding welcome bonus. Because without this, of course, matched betting is not possible.

Match betting has these advantages

The advantage of matched betting clearly lies in the fact that you collect a secure profit as long as the bookie does not freeze your account - but more on this in the next section, in which we discuss the risks. Back to sure win: By betting on both possible outcomes of the game (if you play a 2-way bet), you automatically win one of the bets. You pull this through until the required minimum turnover is cleared and you can pay out the betting bonus plus winnings.

  • If you are disciplined, you will be guaranteed a win
  • A profit is possible without any risk
  • Lucrative income in the three-digit range

Pushing bonuses also has risks

The betting providers have also noticed that match betting can be used to make lucrative and, above all, secure profits. Accordingly, the bookies keep an eye on those players who display suspicious gaming behavior. Then the bookmaker is free to close your betting account and withhold funds on it.

The betting provider usually protects itself against matched betting in the terms and conditions

The suspicion is enough and does not have to be justified, at least that is in the general terms and conditions of most bookmakers, who protect themselves against such practices. It even goes so far that the Betting providers provide each other with information when a player acts strangely - If this is the case with several bookies at the same time, the path to closing the account is not too far.

  • Match betting is prohibited by all providers
  • You need time and patience to implement it

Never pay for money for such a service

There are online services that have taken on the subject of matched betting and want to make a profit from it. They offer to research suitable bonuses for you. Some services even open up the possibility for players to “connect” in order to be able to play matched betting with each other and then share the winnings. It is all the more difficult for the bookmaker to identify the matched betting. However, we clearly advise against paying additional money for matched betting. Via online portals such as our website, it is very easy to research suitable bookies yourself and then pursue matched betting - quite apart from the fact that you then still run certain risks.

Is match betting possible with all bonus variants?

Danger:We would like to point out that match betting is not possible with every bonus variant. For example, if you get a free bet, match betting is not possible because the free bet usually expires and cannot be used to increase the balance. The bonus conditions also play a role, because if the required turnover is extremely high, it eats up the secure profit in the end, so that hardly any profit is possible. Take a close look at the various bonus promotions plus bonus conditions and check whether the respective bookie is suitable for match betting.

Top bookmaker: ideal conditions for the bonus slide

In order to shorten the search for the bookmakers with the best betting bonus and the fairest conditions a little, we briefly present our favorites in the following sections. Topics such as bonus amount or bonus conditions are important when pushing bonuses. But other categories such as odds and bet selection can also convince here.


bet365 is one of the most successful and well-known betting providers. New customers receive a 100% bet365 bonus of up to € 100. For example, if you deposit € 100, you place a first bet and then receive a betting bonus for the same value as your first stake. You have to convert the bonus amount a total of three times to a minimum rate of 1.50 - these are very fair values ​​compared to some other competitors. The odds are also impressive: the bet365 odds key reaches up to 95%, which makes it particularly lucrative for matched betting.

Register and slide bonus
Open an account at bet365 today and get a 100% deposit bonus. The terms and conditions apply


The Betting provider22bet offers an extremely large number of bets, also in the live area. At the start of the bookie there is a 100% betting bonus for new customers of up to a maximum of € 122. If you take up the betting bonus, you have to convert the amount into bets a total of five times. Odds of at least 1.40 must be played, but only in the form of multi-bets that consist of at least 3 tips. The odds at 22bet are excellent, the average odds key is around 96% and thus three percentage points above the industry average. It looks even better with them Soccer betting off, there the quota key can climb up to 98%.

Register and slide bonus


Tipico is one of the big names on the German betting market, as a sponsor and through extensive advertising campaigns, the bookmaker is extremely present. Tipico cuts a very good figure as a betting provider: the selection of bets is decent, new customers receive a 100% Tipico bonus of up to € 100. You have to wager the bonus amount six times before you can withdraw it, Tipico requires a minimum quota of 1.50 - a very fair value. The odds at Tipico are above average and are therefore also of interest for matched betting: On average, the bookie comes up with a quota key of 94%, with football it is sometimes up to 96%.

Register and slide bonus


After our Bet3000 experiences, as a new customer you get a whopping 100% of up to € 150. You have to wager the bonus a total of six times at a minimum rate of 2.0 - that is a little demanding, but it is still within limits. Bet3000 has now established itself as a bookmaker on the betting market and offers a wide range of bets. The quota key is mostly in line with the industry average, but not for football, because here the quotas often rise to around 95%. All in all, Bet3000 is a solid bookmaker who is ideal for matched betting, albeit with small cutbacks.

Register and slide bonus

What profits can theoretically be expected?

Depending on whether your bookmakers charge a betting tax or not, several hundreds of euros are possible. The Handelsblatt reports in an article from 2018 of up to 9,000 euros, but only if everything goes according to plan with match betting and none of the betting providers used freeze their betting account. In this respect, the amount remains speculative, a few hundred euros seems a bit more realistic to us.

Matched Betting Germany - Legal or Illegal?

Basically, matched betting is not an illegal process in Germany. In addition, the big betting providers in particular do not seem to give the topic too much importance, as Dominc Sauer from Tipico clarifies: "Bonus hunting is not a topic that is a big problem in the industry because the financial opportunities for a player are quite limited." the betting providers have the option of freezing the betting account in the event of conspicuous gambling behavior, but very few make use of this. Also Gram Sharp from the British betting giant William Hill approved: "The industry has no particular problem with matched betting.

Current countermeasures by betting providers

Even if matched betting is not illegal, it is of course a thorn in the side of bookmakers. Accordingly, there are countermeasures to prevent match betting. There is a network between various bookies who exchange information and remove suspicious accounts by closing them. There is a particular danger for young, new betting providersthat, unlike large companies, are less able to compensate for losses at the start. For them, matched betting can pose a threat to their existence right from the start.

Conclusion - our matched betting experience

Matched betting is an interesting system with which it is possible to generate safe profits. Some even refer to the procedure as Betting strategy. However, it requires a high level of discipline, perseverance and a certain amount of time. In addition, the necessary start-up capital must be available in order to be able to practice matched betting.

In addition: Practice shows that matched betting is not completely risk-free make money in the end, then the bookmaker may block the account in case of doubt if he observes suspicious behavior - the terms and conditions offer him the necessary leeway to legally block an account to pull through.

Matched betting remains an option that you can consider, but at the same time be aware of the possible risk. We expressly do not recommend match betting Instead, we encourage our readers to take an honest and systematic approach to sports betting.


Is matched betting actually legal?

Yes, matched betting is a legal process. However, the bookmaker may freeze a betting account if he discovers suspicious behavior that suggests match betting. We would not want to go for it and we would be extremely careful if we were to play match betting.

Are Safe Profits Even Possible?

Yes, if the match betting can be implemented as planned, sure winnings are possible. For this, however, the bookies have to play along, because both a limitation and a freezing of the profits made can thwart the bill that was believed to be safe.

Is match betting generally recommended?

Match betting can make sense if you bet in a disciplined and persistent manner. Otherwise we would advise against it. It is also associated with a certain risk, which is why we only recommend the system to a limited extent.

What are the risks of match betting?

Every betting provider has the option of closing a betting account and freezing the funds on it if he suspects that the customer is violating the rules of the terms and conditions. Match betting can be rated as such a rule violation, so there is definitely a risk.

Should you pay money for the service?

You should never pay any money for match betting! Betting portals such as Wettbonus360 present the bookmakers with the best promotions, free of charge. It is therefore not necessary to pay money for a service team whose recommendations you can research yourself.