What is the IQ of Robert Downey Jr.

Cinema: Robert Downey Jr. likes to be a superhero

Downey Jr., born in New York in 1965, made his first appearance at the age of five in his father's Robert Downey Sr.'s film "Pound". In 1992 he played the great comedian in "Chaplin" and received an Oscar nomination for it. Since then he has shone in character roles ("Short Cuts", "Restoration") and as a comedian ("Ally McBeal"), but also repeatedly made a name for himself through his cocaine addiction, which led him to prison several times.


WORLD ONLINE: What was your first reaction when you heard you were playing Iron Man? Perfect choice?

Robert Downey Jr .: No, at first I thought: "But now, let's get back to my Kung Fu lesson quickly". I was in class when the call came. And my teacher doesn't like it that much when you interrupt the lessons.

WORLD ONLINE: Sounds like you just took the role with you.

Downey Jr .: No, definitely not. I had applied. At that point in time my career was not in a particularly good shape. I really wanted to play that.

WORLD ONLINE: Does that mean you knew him before? "Iron Man" is not so well known in Germany.

Downey Jr .: It was similar in the States. With the "Marvel" superheroes he is one of the second row. You could say it's an Opel instead of a BMW. Is Opel still building cars in Germany?

WORLD ONLINE: Yes, they still do.

Downey Jr .: Great, I didn't think so. Anyway, "Iron Man" is an invention of Stan Lee, the comic book legend.

WORLD ONLINE: Creator of "Spiderman" and "Hulk" and many others.

Downey Jr .: Exactly. One day he was to design something less heroic, more brooding. So he created a guy who only becomes a hero through technology. Since I love technology more than anything, this is exactly my husband.

WORLD ONLINE: Did you have a say in how the character is laid out? She seems as cynical as Downey Jr. is known.

Downey Jr .: Let me just think for a moment whether that was a compliment or whether I should sue you ?! No i know what you mean Fortunately, I didn't just slip into my armor and fight; this is about character.

WELT ONLINE: Like the last time with the new "Batman" or "Superman" films.

Downey Jr .: Exactly. Or the last James Bond. Thoughtful is back in Hollywood. I think that's a great message. In addition, I was allowed to try out how many sayings I can make here with director Jon Favreau.

WORLD ONLINE: Sounds like a good collaboration.