Eating is healthy very quickly

Quick healthy meals for every day


Buy the right groceries

Avoid finished products in the supermarket and head straight for the fresh produce department. Vegetables, fruit and salads are at the top of the shopping list for quick healthy meals. They contain valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber are the main components of a healthy diet and give you enough power for the day.

For quick, healthy dishes, you should above allCombine ingredients from all food groups. Reach for protein-rich foods such as fish, meat or legumes as well as carbohydrates from potatoes or whole grain products. Nuts, sprouts and seeds are small but nice and can be used to refine the dishes quickly. A good pumpkin seed oil or light dressings can also have a healthy effect.

This should be on your shopping list:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • salad
  • Fish, meat
  • Eggs
  • legumes
  • Sprouts, nuts and seeds
  • Healthy carbohydrates like quinoa, potatoes or brown rice.
  • Vegetable fats such as avocado, pumpkin seed or linseed oil

Quick healthy dishes with meat

Blitz meals with meat are best served from the pan: fry the meat quickly, add vegetables and spices as you like and enjoy with rice or potatoes. A quick, healthy dish for every day is ready! Also delicious: Prepare salad and vegetables with meat as a lukewarm salad. If you need more bite, refined with grains or whole grain croutons.


Quick healthy meals for weight loss

Our recipes for losing weight and enjoying all have a maximum of 400 calories per serving and ensure plenty of variety on the plate! Do you love soups? Then you should check out our 5 best ideas for losing weight soups. They are ideal for a quick and at the same time balanced kitchen.


Quick healthy meals for work

You can also take some quick, healthy dishes to the office. Salads in the glass are trendy. When putting it together, you can let your imagination run wild. Combine salad dressings with different types of salads and foods high in carbohydrates. The healthy lunch can be prepared right before work or the evening before.

A hot cup to go is just as straightforward. For this you layer vegetables, meat, glass noodles and spices in a large mason jar. Put fresh greens on top in a freezer bag, for example chopped spring onions. Keep the jar tightly closed in the refrigerator until your lunch break. To prepare it, all you need to do is pour hot water over the ingredients and let them steep for five minutes. Scatter spring onions from the bag on top, stir - done!

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