What are the five odd numbers

Headline Psychology: The "3-5-7 Rule" of Character Numbers

Consultants have known for a long time: Odd numbers are better received by customers than even numbers. When concepts and presentations are created, they are structured according to the “3-5-7 rule”, and for headings on the web it is also advisable to use “7 tips”, “3 golden rules” or “5 ways to optimize time management "To choose so that as many readers as possible click on it. But why is that so?

There is no really well-founded scientific explanation for the "3-5-7 rule". But these odd numbers are also called the numbers with character. They convey strength - maybe because they are prime numbers that are not divisible?

Wrong numbers for prices

We all also know that prices are much better received by customers if they consist of crooked numbers that are just below the calculated sales price. 1,295 euros sounds cheaper than 1,300 euros - and 97 euros better than 100 euros. However, one should be careful when using nines - they quickly sound like “cheap”, such as 99.99 euros or 1,299 euros.

"Six sells"

Another phenomenon in pricing is that prices that can be divided by 6 are perceived as likeable and attractive. Daily rates of 1,200 euros are easier to convey in management consulting than 1,000 euros, and 3,600 euros for developing a concept are easier to sell than for 3,400 euros.

Write out numbers or not?

Numbers should remain numbers in headings, this saves characters and leads to an almost compulsive urge to click on the headline. This “counting” is probably due to the fact that as toddlers we all counted by the hand of our parents and grandparents while learning to speak, climbing stairs, being fed, finger games ...

In the text, however, written out numbers convey a higher value, digits are more practical, but precisely because of that they are also more common.

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By Eva Siefeldt

For almost twenty years in the "free wilderness" Eva Siefeldt founded both a registered cooperative for business start-ups in 2004 and an academy for the training of social media entrepreneurs in 2011. For a long time she was a lecturer and trainer for marketing, communication and social media. Today she works as a coach for people in professional change. Your strength is to accept current situations, to recognize visions and to develop strategies together with your clients, which also prove themselves in practice. Mobile: 0176 80528749 - Email: [email protected]