What is the 12 Strand DNA Theory

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The 12-strand DNA. The 13-strand DNA
Our DNA (DNA) consisted of a total of 12 strands until mid-1995, 2 of which also exist in dense physical matter. In 1996 the 13th strand was formed in preparation for the ascension energies. The 2 strands of DNA that have been discovered by science so far extend into the physical world that is visible to all. Another 10 strands of DNA are located on the ethereal and in the upper vibrational range of the astral plane. During the time of descent into the depths of duality and dense matter, these 10 DNA strands increasingly deactivated or limited their function. The reason for this was the decreasing connection of people to their own "highest origin", their own divine selves and their souls. In the 288,000 year cyclical descent period, especially in the last cycle, there was mainly manipulation of the physical 2-strand DNA (predominantly of the) and, to a lesser extent, of the other 10 DNA strands. Strand became necessary to prepare for the ascension process of mankind. The 13th strand runs through the other 12 and guarantees the possibility of connection with a person's own “highest origin”. Only then is it possible to build up and activate the light body. The 12-strand DNA and also the 13-strand DNA (which do not have a double helix shape) are primarily a transmitting and receiving station of stored on higher levels The 12-strand DNA has a sending and receiving function up to the soul (causal level). The 13th DNA strand is on the etheric level and in the uppermost area of ​​the astral level and has a sending and receiving function up to the soul and all dimensions above it up to and including the upper Adi level and thus extends to one's own "highest origin The ascension energy from the center of the universe and the higher vibration of the realities on earth have made it possible for the restoration and activation of the 13-strand DNA to be possible again in a simple manner. You can do this yourself. You can find instructions on how to do this on our website at. At our seminar "The Accelerated Transformation", the repair, healing and activation of the 13-strand DNA also happens in a concentrated manner with us.