Is life worth living 2

Life value 2

The volumes of the series Life value are subdivided into five color-coded units for the content-relatedAreas of competence: Questions about the self, questions about the future, questions about morality and ethics, questions about reality, questions about religions and world views. Each volume offers age-appropriate and varied materials (texts, pictures, comics, etc.) for those mentioned in the curriculum Guiding themes.

Volume 2 for grades 7 and 8 deals with the following topics:

  • Addiction and addiction
  • Responsibility for nature and the environment
  • Friendship, love, sexuality
  • Human rights and human dignity
  • Living in a Christian culture

IAbout the clear progression of the double pages and a generous range of diverse methods and motivating work assignments, the students are informed about the Perceiving and describing about the Understand and reflect to the To discussand judging guided.

Info boxes on the required basic terms, action-oriented project proposals in all chapters, a separate method section as well as a person and subject index round off each volume.