Is Uber really cheaper than a taxi

RecalculatedTaxi versus Uber - what is actually cheaper?

The taxi drivers are mobilizing against Uber. Is it because the new service is cheaper to travel? The service was banned for another reason. But the suspicion is obvious. A price comparison of the consumer website "Financial tip“Proves: Uber is in some cases much cheaper than taking a taxi.

A judge's verdict shut down the driving service app because the private drivers do not have a passenger ticket, are not adequately insured and also bypass the license costs that a taxi driver has to pay. But Uber cannot be stopped by this.

The transport service is offered in five major cities, in Berlin and Munich the cheap UberPOP offer is now even cheaper.

Taxi drivers cannot keep up with these cheap prices. In a sample trip through Munich, the taxi was twice as expensive as a trip in a strange private car with UberPOP.

Result of the investigation: “Uber Pop is almost always cheaper than a classic taxi,” says “Finanztip” expert Daniel Pöhler. "The alternative driving service can really score points in terms of price, especially on shorter journeys and when the car is parked frequently."

This is due to the different pricing systems: In a taxi you pay a flat-rate travel fee, mileage allowance and a minute price in traffic jams. The exact tariffs are different in each city. Uber also calculates the journey and mileage, and every minute of the journey is billed. However, the amounts are lower.

Important: If the demand is particularly high, Uber can charge a surcharge. Better take a taxi on New Year's Eve or at the Oktoberfest.