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Improve Google Ranking - The most important measures for more page views

It can be frustrating. You invest in a beautiful, new website, but Google can only find it by entering the company or brand name. This can certainly serve the purpose of a website, but one cannot speak of a website as a sales tool. With the right SEO know-how and enough patience, however, that can be changed. As is so often the case, it depends Little things at showing the difference between success and failure turn off.
In the following article I would like to bring you closer to the decisive factors in search engine optimization that make the difference.

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The right keyword - the door opener to your website

To your Visibility online to increase is that right content the Base. This includes text, images, videos, audio files and other media. It is always important that the content of every page on your website covers a specific search intention. For each search intention there are matching keywords that are associated with it.

Both Keywords one differentiates between individual keywords, so a single keyword and Long-tail keywords, that is, concatenated keywords. Long-tail keywords are very specific and usually have one low search volume. This does not mean that a long-tail keyword inevitably has to consist of many words. A name is also a long-tail keyword consisting of two words. Very specific with a low search volume. The following graphic from ahrefs shows that a rough look at 30 percent of search queries consist of one word and 70 percent of long-tail keywords.

Keyword length in words vs. monthly search volume
The keyword analysis

When looking for the right keyword for a page, there are a few things to consider. In the end, you should choose a Long-tail keyword decide that ...

  • enough search volume or is a trend keyword that is gaining relevance.
  • not too strong competition has - what that means, I will describe in more detail in the keyword analysis.
  • exactly these Search intention your target audience covers

Search query curve

I will now explain how you get your keyword using an example:

Let's say you're an interior decorator and want to get more inquiries through your website. The approach is that you Content around the topic of your service prepared at regular intervals and this again and again revised and expanded. The important thing is yours target group to know. Because of this, it is important to choose the topics of the contributions and the correct language of the text too choose.

With a main target group between 30 and 40 years of age, families or middle class, a suitable topic for the service could be "Furnishing an apartment - 10 professional tips for modern interior design". "Furnishing an apartment" would be the long-tail keyword.

Keyword: Furnishing an apartment

Free tools for keyword analysis:

Paid keyword analysis tools:

Writing posts with added value - The key to driving more visitors to your website

When we enter our keyword "home furnishing" on Google, we see that it is in conjunction with

is brought to this topic.

We are interested in the first 10 SERPs (top 10 results pages) excluding the ads.

Search results for our keyword

Around Ideas to get for your post and its headings, read each post carefully and get on with it Notes on text content, images, sources, etc.

When you are done with it, you should have a wealth of important information, which in total should represent a complete picture of your topic as possible. To really have another added value it is important to offer information to Offer, the no one else in his post treated. Such content that offers additional added value to other contributions, surrender mostly out of your own Experience with the topic, or from another, yet more in-depth research.

Good text structure - For improved reading behavior

With the information gathered for your text, you have to come up with a good structure. Define to appealing headlineswhich have to be put in a meaningful order for a good reading flow. Only then should you start writing your text.

The title - The main reason why the site visitor is at least starting to read your post

At the top should be yours Main heading which also corresponds to the title. This is the so-called h1 heading, which is also displayed in Google searches.

Title tags in the search results

The first part of the title should be yours Main keyword be. The second part should be a Advance information of the content be. It is important to remember the headlines of newspaper articles. They are a little exaggerated, but they do pique the reader's interest. You should be able to say the same of your main headline.

In sum, your heading...

  • in the mood for yours Contribution do
  • Meaningful be
  • your Main keyword included
  • Added value for the Seekers Offer
  • a Number of characters between 40 and 60 characters to have.

One such unique title should you for each of your pages on your website, as each page has its own ranking on Google.

The meta description - the dot on the i for the title to arouse even more interest in the article

To take away any doubts about clicking on your post, create one appealing meta description Remedy.

It is displayed directly under the URL of a search result in Google searches. Important: As with the title, the Meta description...

  • in the mood for yours Contribution do
  • Meaningful be
  • your Main keyword or a synonym from that contain
  • Under 160 characters be long to ensure the representation of the full description

Sometimes it also makes sense to ask questions that imply a yes.

The keywords entered by the user are marked in bold

If no meta description is defined, Goolge defines one. If you choose one yourself, this will be used in most cases. However, if Google finds that your description does not match your page content, it will not be displayed.

For every title belongs to a suitable one Meta description. So think about an appealing description for each of your pages.

Rich Snippets - This is how you add value to your meta description

With Rich snippetYou can still do it added value in your ad on Google. They are a classic Star ratings in order to build up more trust in advance. Photos, contact details and product prices can also be integrated.

For a full description of the possible dates, see Rich Snippet Data.

An example of rich snippets
Optimize URL - No user likes cryptographic characters, and neither does Google

If you work with systems like Wordpress and create a new page, the URL description is generated automatically. Here you should definitely find a sensible and Choose a meaningful name. In the best case, your URL ending, i.e. the last part of it, should be the Main keyword your current page.

Ever more structural yours Urls are built, the more find better the website visitors, but also Google, rightly.

Due to the structure, the page names are in context to each other and give a better idea of ​​the content behind them. The following must be observed when setting up:

  • The URL ending should always Main keyword your side contain - the impact is not great, but it does have relevance
  • The structure should flat being held. This means that there are no long URLs and the click paths are shorter
  • The url should be no capital letters contain
  • The Page names should not too long be - Those URLs that rank in first place have less than 18 characters
  • It should Hyphens instead of underscores or spaces be used
  • The url should point to the Search intention of the website visitor aligned be
  • The url should be no filler words contain

Number of characters in the URL
What should be considered when choosing a domain?

Before you want to buy a certain domain, there are a few points to consider. The domain may already have a history that can make it difficult for you to start your ranking efforts.

But what exactly does that mean? If the domain before beautiful an owner had, it may be that this domain has already been punished by google has been.

This can be compared to buying a used car with hidden damage. You may have paid too much as a result, but then you don't get the performance you hoped for.

Look into the past of the domain

A Search on google by domain name, can already Shed light on their related content give. They are more like that negative content, that's not a good sign.

To one closer look To get what the website / s looked like at an earlier point in time, you can research by entering the desired domain on archive.org.

What links are there to my domain?

A more accurate picture You can also make your own domain by using the Backlink tool see what links there are to your domain.

If the links come from spam or other dubious websites, for example, you should try to find another domain.

Which domain type is best for me?

Is there for the domain little or good content, you can assume that the Domain authority not yet damaged and you can strengthen it over time through SEO measures. Do you get hold of one domain, the the same as your main keyword, one speaks of a Exact match domain. If that Main keyword only one Part of your domain is, one speaks of a so-called Partial match domain.

The works yourself positive on the Ranking your website, but no longer plays as much of a role as it used to. Much more important is the content behind it.

Would you rather like one Build a brand, offers a Branded domain best at. Here is the domain mostly a fictional name, or one Combination of common words. A branded domain brings you though At the beginning nothing SEO-technicallyHowever, in the long run it can be very helpful if your brand already has one higher level of awareness has and already has one better domain authority.

Hosting - What Does This Have To Do With Better Ranking?

It's about exactly 2 aspects. Imagine your target group lives in Austria, you hosts yours Website but in America. As a result, the Loading time the website for your target group much higher is as when the server in Austria would stand.

The second aspect is the IP address classification. If you decide on a cheaper hosting solution, you share an IP address with several website operators. If you have more budget available, this is the best option variant at your own Website a unique IP address Has. One speaks here of one dedicated IP address. This is more important than class C IP addresses and therefore has an effect positive on the Ranking out.

Content is King - The heart of your search engine optimization

One of main factors, for the Ranking your side, is the content.

This offers a real one Added value for yours target group, wins your side relevance and is ranked better as a result.

I deliberately wrote a page and not a website, as Google only ranks the individual pages. Of course, well-ranked pages also have a positive effect on your entire website, since the pages are linked to one another and if the user is already on your website, it may well be that he wants to look at other content.

What should I do before I start writing?

Before you start it is important to have one Content plan to develop. There is relatively little point in simply starting to write wildly.

In the beginning, of course, you should think about it what you want to write, what the goal your contribution is and most importantly for whom you write it.

The following types of content are particularly suitable for posts:

  • counselor
  • frequently asked Questions
  • Product reports
  • Instructions
  • Checklists

If you have a idea have about which theme you want to write, first go to the analysis.

This consists of two parts:

  • Keyword analysis - I have described this to you in the section The Keyword Analysis
  • Analysis of similar topic posts - Enter your defined main keyword on Google and analyze the first 10 listed pages. Make notes about text content, media content, layout, sources, etc.
Topic research - the basis for an outstanding contribution

The Research work is in part pretty time consumingbut the effort pays off later. After all, you want one added value for your target group Offer.

A contribution with little knowledge content is poor quality and simply offers no added value. This makes the article not worth reading for your target group, but also for Google.

It really matters quality not quantity to put. It is better to create fewer, higher quality and, above all, complete contributions.

With Completely I mean that the post no open questions on the topic should raise more.

Sub-headings - The entire article is rarely read

A quality content needs appealing sub-headingsthat good structured are. They form, so to speak, the framework for the paragraphs below.

Through the notesthat you have made yourself, you know what is discussed in this topic and, above all, what in this one relevance testifies.

Complete you should start these sub-headings with a Niche sub-topic, which at best no one has mentioned in their post.

The makes yours Contribution on the one hand more unique but also more complete. The goal should be a more comprehensive and better content than yours competitor to to produce.

What tools are there for finding subheadings?

A useful toolthat I can really recommend you to get ideas for your headlines is answerthepublic. This will give you a list of questions or prepositions on your topic.

Google is already providing some ideas here. Simply enter your main keyword in the Google search field. You will see similar search suggestions as a preselection or below according to the ranking list.

Search suggestions
LSI - Link multiple keywords to your post

From an SEO perspective, it makes sense if your Subheadings to the main keyword so-called Include LSI keywords.

An LSI (Latent Sematic Indexing) keyword is a term that leads to another term content related is.

This will associate your post with several search terms and thereby increase the click rate on them.

You can find LSI keywords for your main keyword in the Google search in the lower area.

LSI keywords in the lower area of ​​Google search
How should the content of your post be structured?

Now that you have a plan for your content through research, you can start writing. You can add one to each of your previously defined sub-headings easy to understand, appealing text write.

Followed by yours Main heading (h1 - 1x per side), you can get a structure With h2, h3 and h4 headings build up. The number after the "h" provides information about the level of the heading.

The way you write the text depends on your target audience. Google classifies website visitors into 3 classes (beginners, advanced and professionals). Depending on who you want to address your content to, you have to choose your text language.

Goal of the content - What do you want to achieve with it and how do you do it?

The ultimate goal of your text should be the User experience be. Generate an experience for the visitor from your text.

At the end of the day, the visitor should think that reading the article really brought them something. Important here: Every side should only one goal to have. Anything else creates confusion.

You can do that with:

  • Correct language - Speak the language of your target audience
  • Well-founded facts - Don't just take facts out of thin air. Speak from your own experience and justify this. Research carefully beforehand.
  • Use of media - Images, videos, audio, interactive elements
  • swell - References to trustworthy content
  • Appealing page layout
    • font size at least 16px - Too small a font size makes the text harder to read
    • 3-5 lines per paragraph (meant for the desktop view) - Longer paragraphs are often unreasonable and are not read
    • Lots of subheadings - Gives your post more structure and allows for easier scanning of the content
    • Use of captions - Describes the message of the picture
The table of contents - getting there quickly

Rare will be contributions read completely. So the motto is: get there as quickly as possible. In the best case scenario, the user should go through a maximum of three clicks at the crucial paragraph land.

A table of contents can help:

  • 1 step: Enter the search term on Google
  • 2 step: Click on search result
  • 3 step: Click on the link in the table of contents

Some CMS, such as Wordpress, offer a table of contents as a plugin. If you are more tech-savvy and work without a plugin, you have to set an anchor in the code for those subheadings to be linked.

The introduction - desire for more

The text you should be with a Begin introductionto ask a question, add a fact, or preview your post. It should just make you want your contribution.

The description - what is important?

After that you should all Subheadings with meaningful content serve. The important thing is to write short sentences and small paragraphs. Nesting sentences make text consumption difficult.

Build absolutely too LSI / long-tail keywords and highlight important words in bold so that your paragraphs can be scanned. Optimize the text on long stay and low bounce rates by writing captivating texts. On the one hand, if you notice an increase or dwindling bounce rates, you know that the user experience has improved. Grammar and spelling are a absolute must. On the one hand it is embarrassing and you also lose credibility and authority.

Images - Looks good and makes it easy to consume the content

If you images build in, you have to meaningful alt attribute define. The Alt attribute is an alternative text in case the picture cannot be displayed. Google recognizes this Alternative text and thus knows what is shown in the picture and can use it positively.

Since the loading time of your page is also a very important ranking factor for Google, the following parameters are important when using images:

  • Resolution smaller than 96dpi - reduce pictures online
  • Dimensions: 800-1600 pixels
  • File size < 400kb="">
  • Alt attribute
  • Format: JPG, PNG
  • File name: speaking, short, no spaces, no special characters
The conclusion - an important rounding off

Quit yours Contribution with a Conclusion or a short one Summary in which you once again highlight the most important content.

In the end, your text should have at least 500 words. The length of the text you should achieve always depends on the post.

You can set a benchmark by looking at similar posts.

Link building - how to properly network your website

Just as important as good content is one proper linking of your website. you elevated the probabilitythat your Consumed content become. So remember: "No decent traffic if your website is badly linked." In the following text, I will explain what types of links there are and what to look out for when building links.

Internal links - Target the flow of consumption on your website

Internal links, as the name suggests, links are links exclusively within yours Website exhibit.

Link connections can be:

  • Link from sidebar to subpage - mostly info / post pages
  • Link from navigation bar / menu to subpage - mostly to the main page of a navigation field
  • Left from the footer to a subpage - mostly contact, imprint or privacy policy
  • Link from subpage to subpage - mostly from a post to a product / service page or another post page
  • Link from subpage to the same subpage - mostly from the table of contents to a specific point on the page

Because of this targeted setting of links, finds the Users better on the side. And if the visitor can find his way around better, there is also Google got along better!

The best example of good internal linking is Wikipedia. Virtually every term on a post page leads to a post page on which this term is explained in detail. This is also noticeable in the Google search. For many searches, Wikipedia is listed at the top. The good internal linking while is not the main reason for the good Ranking, it wearing but significantly contributes to this. Therefore, you should also link your website well internally.

External links - Offer your site visitors targeted added value

Is there important external contentthat you want to link to, come external links for use. There can be a variety of reasons for this. I have listed a few possible reasons for you:

  • Interesting additional information which one the site visitor Offer added value
  • swell on which the content of your posts is based
  • Pages from partners
  • Social media channels
  • Reference / customer websites

If you have a external link forgive, you should pay attention to this on "nofollow" to put. Otherwise loses yours page at Link Juice (Link strength). You can imagine that when a user comes to a certain page of your website via Google, this juice is 100%.

Depending on the number and weighting on your page, these are 100% distributed to all dofollow links in order to strengthen your internally linked sub-pages. All in all, it makes perfect sense to link to external sites. The Link to high quality websites such as: Wikipedia sends good signals to Google.

Backlinks - The supreme discipline when it comes to link building

It becomes much more difficult when it comes to getting a link from external websites to your own. However, with the right strategy and a lot of effort, it is possible. Basically, I prefer strong backlinks instead of lots of backlinks. A strong backlink would be e.g .: a Link from Wikipedia. A weak backlink would be a Link to an insignificant websitethat has barely any visibility. Use the Familiarity with others to build your own website. So make sure you have a win-win situation.

The first step is to focus on the easier options you have for backlinks. You can implement the following measures immediately:

  • Link to Corporate directories
  • Link to yours Social media channels
  • Parts Posts on social media channels
  • Guest Posts
  • Press releases
  • Take an active part in relevant topics Forums - Due to the high level of abuse in the past, backlinks from forums have been significantly devalued.

It becomes more difficult if you want to get links from top domains. This can be a successful one, for example Blogger be. For example, if you sell products, this can be a Industry expert be. Try in direct contact with the person responsible to come and offer him one solution of which you both have something.

You can also Sponsoring for various events operate. The link to your page ends up on the organizer's page. If it has a good trust rank, gives yours page one Boost.

If you want to know from where and how many links it on yours Website there, you can do that with the Backlink tool find out.

Parasite SEO - How to Use the Authority of the Internet Giants for Yourself

Websites like Wikipedia, Focus, Quora and Co. are real Power pages. Google trusts these pages blind, as they now enjoy a high status of authority. The problem with this is that bad posts on such pages get a better ranking than a better post on another website.

However, if you manage to get a backlink on these pages, you can Trust positive to you use. Some of these sites allow you to post on such sites.

Set the link correctly - so that the user also clicks on the link

Do you know that when the text at the end of a paragraph says: "... please click here" and the word "here" is linked. Not nice. It is much better if you can Link in the paragraph, alla Wikipedia build in, i.e. link a certain term.

The name of the term is the anchor text of the link. It says more to Google than the content of the linked page itself.

Mobile First - An underestimated ranking factor

In the meantime, websites are becoming more than 50% with a mobile device called. Hence it is obvious that Google stepped up pays attention to responsive design. If the website doesn't have a responsive design or a mobile view, the page will definitely be penalized. With the Responsive tester from google, you can check your website for Mobile devices optimized is.

Your website loading speed - Nobody wants to wait long

Also the Loading speed your website wins always more relevantwhen it comes to ranking. Page visitors expect the website to load immediately when they visit the website. As Rule of thumb applies, the charging time should not be longer than 1.5 seconds last. You can test your website with the Google speed tester.

You can improve your loading time accordingly by:

  • Compress media
  • On one good hosting provider puts
  • No, with plugins inflated websites, operate
  • Many more minor technical measures implements