What are the biggest myths about sexuality

Is it over after 5000 shots? - The biggest myths about love and sex

They are widespread and very numerous: the myths about love and sex. But what is it really about the legendary stories?

We reveal whether love actually makes you blind, breaks a heart when you break up and whether it is really over after 5000 shots.

Can love really break a heart?

In fact, there is what is known as broken heart syndrome, which can occur during or after a breakup. This leads to a dysfunction of the heart muscle. In addition to acute chest pain and shortness of breath, the emotional shock can lead to a heart attack.

Women between the ages of 50 and 70 are particularly affected. In order to rule out a heart attack, it is important that those affected are examined and treated quickly.

Is it really over after 5000 shots?

This myth can be refuted with a simple calculation example. If a man from the age of 15 were masturbating every day, all of his sperm would be used up by the age of 29. But this is not the case. Sperm is produced daily until the end of life.

Is love blind?

Who is freshly in love, not only salty the soup, but generally often looks off the track. Studies have shown that people who are new to love are actually negatively affected. They can concentrate less well and do tasks worse because their thoughts are always with loved ones.

Using magnetic resonance imaging, Swiss brain researchers have even been able to determine that when people are seriously in love, entire areas of their brains are almost completely switched off when they see the swarm.

Are Bald Men More Potent?

The reason for hair loss is, in the broadest sense, the sex hormone testosterone. However, the secondary product, the hormone DHT, is directly responsible. This hormone is only formed in the scalp and causes the hair roots to die off.

It only works there and has no effect on the rest of the body. So the equation bald man equals sex god doesn't work.

Do men cheat more often than women?

In a long-term study, US researchers have found that by no means men have the greatest potential for cheating; rather, women are more likely to cheat on their partner.

Source: B.Z.

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