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1.3. Career. Career as a single wrestler. (Career as a single wrestler)

As a single wrestler in the WWF for Fatu created a completely new image. According to the plot of "The Wild Samoans": They were actually grown in the United States just for the show and Fatu. He got the new gimmick from a street worker, or gear failure with two companions, played a new gimmick by Samu and his brother, Lloyd Anoai I. The WWE had the gimmick, but after a short while. Fatu went back to heel in the role of "The Sultan," a stereotypical, masked villain from the Middle East who had been by his side as the manager of the Iron Sheik. In that role, Fatu had a fight for the WWE Intercontinental Title against The Rock, but couldn't get his cousin's title. In 1997, Fatu left WWF and then entered independent doctorates.

In 1999, he re-appeared in WWF, with a modified ring outfit that was given to his cousin Rodney, with the new name "Rikishi Phatu", which was soon to be abbreviated to "Rikishi". For the next five years, Fatu was one of the main actors in the promotion, which appeared regularly in the promotion's Pay-Per-Views, but also had to stop several long pauses due to injuries. June 25, 2000, the WWF made him the holder of the Intercontinental title, which he had to give up on July 6, Val Venis. In May 2002 he received the WWE Tag Team title with Rico as a partner, but only for a few days. In February 2004 he received, this time with Scotty 2 Hotty, the same title that the two had in the April release. In mid-2004, the World Wrestling Federation, was separated from Fatu.

Since WWE owns the rights to the name Rikishi, Fatu cut his ring name "Kishi" and appeared under this name in independent promotions. In 2005 he took over the Italy-based independent promotion Nu-Wrestling Evolution, and moved again from the ring which happened to devote to the business behind the scenes.

In 2007, Fatu resigned as a rikishi, short for All Japan Pro Wrestling. From September to October 2007 he joined TNA as a Junior Fatu, the long-term commitment he achieved with the doctorate, but no agreement was reached.

In 2008, Fatu appeared on top, in the case of several independent leagues. After that he performed a long time with the Nu-Wrestling evolution. In 2009 he moved to Hulkmania.

In July 2012, Fatu appeared as a rikishi on WWE TV as part of the 1,000th WWE Raw episode.

The February 9, 2015 RAW edition announced that Rikishi will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. The introductory speech was made by his sons, Jey & Jimmy Uso.