What is greater nothing or everything

Nothing is bigger than the club!

Hello dynamo fans,

It has been clear since last week that Markus Schubert will leave our club. The disappointment with his departure is great, but the displeasure with the way he made his decision is even greater. The following lines are intended to show that this is more than justified.

“I am a Dresden boy and Dynamo is and will be my heart and soul. I carry the DNA of the association in me [...] "

Markus Schubert in BILD, April 29th, 2019

The fans are in power? Then good night!"

Sven Geisler, Saxon Newspaper, April 29th, 2019

After 12 months, the club and fans have lost the battle for Schubert. Various contract offers from the club as well as personal messages and conversations from fans from the K-Block should persuade him to stay. During the winter training camp, the club presented the goalkeeper and his advisor, Rico Glaubitz, with a "challenging offer". In personal messages it was stressed again and again that everything was open and a possible whereabouts was also promised. In the end this was wasted time, because afterwards everything turned out to be a game for time, in which Ralf Minge pulled the ripcord last week. What remains is a kick in the ass for our club and us fans as well as a whole host of new construction sites.

It should be clear that the undoubtedly clear criticism is not directed against Markus Schubert alone. His private environment and above all his consultants around the company "11WINS" from Munich have played a big part in the situation. Schubert is one of the top 3 customers in the company and the suspicion arises that they are going to make good money here. The company's slogan “Competence. Loyalty. Passion. - Values ​​that make the difference ”is like a slap in the face of the negotiating partner Dynamo Dresden. Because it is precisely these values ​​that are missing on Markus Schubert's side.

"Dynamo Dresden is a training association"

Markus Schubert stands like no other for the “Dynamo Dresden Training Association”. Moved to SGD at a young age, it was gradually built up. Professional training and a sporting perspective - everything was geared towards the fact that Markus Schubert would become one of those dynamo faces, at least for a certain time, who would restore the old reputation as a talent factory. In recent years, the position of goalkeeper has been filled with short-term loan deals and any long-term solutions have been pushed into the background in favor of Schubert.

Markus Schubert has now thwarted the club's plans and has missed any decency that can be expected in today's football business and must be expected especially when the players and the club have such a bond.

There is no question that it is part of a training association to say goodbye to one's talents at some point. It would be naive to assume that a player who has been built up and promoted will stay with a club forever. On the contrary, the whole point of this concept is to sell your trained players at some point.

How things can go despite the laws of modern football was recently shown by the departures of young talents like Hauptmann and Stefaniak. Here the contracts were extended again with a fixed exit clause. They were farewells that everyone involved could live with with a heavy heart and that the fans accepted for what they are - part of the business.

Action is followed by reaction

Markus Schubert has chosen a different path with his behavior. The result was a hanging game with repeated false information about where friends and fans were staying, as well as rumors about a move to the Bundesliga in Leipzig. Schubert provoked a corresponding reaction with his behavior. And as with any relationship in which passion and loyalty are not hackneyed "slogans", but are actually lived, the reaction was drastically corresponding.

To get excited about the word "whore" is not just sheer hypocrisy. Playing the moral police here seems hypocritical and hypocritical and probably serves to distract from one's own miserable performance. The fact that footballers offend each other during training and games, from the first division down to FV Hafen Third, is really nothing new. The language is coarse on and next to the soccer field.

The fact that the words last Friday were roughly and not wrapped in honey reflects above all the displeasure and immeasurable disappointment with a person who was associated with a certain expectation as a figure of identification by very many over the next few years.

And even if players like Sören Gonther or journalists like Sven Geißler (SZ) cannot stop shaking their heads: that is exactly what makes Dynamo Dresden so special!

Emotions, connectedness, devotion

Obviously, even several years on the square or decades in the press box are not enough to understand Dynamo Dresden. The move away from the guest block and the reactions in the newspapers testify to the absolute ignorance of so-called leading players and experts. Obviously they will never understand the emotions, the connection and the devotion of the Dynamo fans.

It is precisely these emotions that after a 1: 8 debacle in Cologne lead to scenes as if one had just become a master. It is precisely this bond that swears the team in secret meetings shortly before the end of the winter break and promises absolute support as long as the team is fighting - and this promise is maintained two days later after a desperate defeat against Bielefeld. It is the dedication with which our capos give speeches to the team shortly before the start of the game in the dressing room in order to kindle the fire in the players, which should have been blazing long ago with a sold out house and lavish pay.

It is therefore an absolute cheek in this context when the captain of our club repeatedly complains about the lack of support and denies us the right to express displeasure. Should we accept the rules of professional business? Then please accept that we fans have the right to express our opinion.