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(Weasley, Molly)

"Rousing the chickens left and right, Mrs. Weasley came marching across the yard. And for a small, round woman with a friendly face, she looked astonishingly like a saber-toothed tiger." (HP2, 3)

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Molly Weasley is a pureblood witch, and is part of the family of Lucius Malfoy related (HP2, 12 and HP5, 6). The round, friendly woman with flaming red hair (HP1, 6) celebrates her birthday on October 30th1. She has not grown very much, however, because in the summer of 1992 she was already towered over by her three youngest sons (HP2, 3). Long before Halloween 1981 when Lord Voldemort the last time she was powerful, she became engaged to Arthur Weasley and married him. When the couple are alone, Mr. Weasley also calls his wife "Molly rolls" (HP6, 5).

In 1970 Mrs Weasley became a mother for the first time. Your first son, Bill Weasley, is about two years older than Charlie Weasley, her second born. The ambitious Percy Weasley, who was born in 1976 as the third son, was followed by the twins on April 1st, 1978, Fred and George Weasleywho often rob their mother's last nerve. Molly's sixth son, Ron Weasley, was born on March 1st, 19801 and is about a year older than her only daughter, Ginny Weasley, which saw the light of day in August1 1981. Molly and Arthur and their seven children live in the Burrow, a cozy house outside of Ottery St. Catchpole. There she seems to be completely absorbed in her role as a housewife and mother, and likes to get valuable household tips in the books of Gilderoy Lockhartwhich she finds quite enchanting. But also from books like "How to conjure up your own cheese", "Magic in Baking" and "Banquet in a minute - this is witchcraft! " she likes to get advice. (HP2, 3)

Molly's maiden name is Prewett. She had two brothers Gideon Prewett and Fabian Prewettwho were killed a long time ago by five Death Eaters (HP1, 4 and HP5, 9). She met her husband Arthur while she was in school at Hogwarts, where they were both members of the Gryffindor family (HP4, 31). Her teachers then included, among other things Horace Slughorn (HP6, 5). Once they were caught returning from a nightly walk at four in the morning. Molly got a sermon from the curtain Fat lady held while Arthur by the caretaker at the time, Apollyon Pringle, Beating related (HP4, 31). When they were eighteen they danced to the jazzy sounds of a song by Celestina Warbeckwho was Molly's favorite singer in the winter of 1996 (HP6, 16).

Mrs. Weasley is a caring mother to her children, and she has them all under control. Her family means a lot to her and she takes great pride in their good work. Whenever one of her sons is named Head Boy or Prefect, he gets to choose a gift as a reward, although the family usually has to save on every corner. However, she can also get extremely angry. Then it looks amazingly like a saber-toothed tiger - or it sends a howl, as Ron discovers after crashing in the flying Ford Anglia. (HP2, 3 and HP2, 6 and HP5, 9)

Not only does she devote herself to caring for her own children, she also has Harry Potter closed in her heart, which she met for the first time on September 1st 1991 on platform 9 ¾ (HP1, 6). She has become a kind of surrogate mother for the orphan boy (HP4, 36 and HP5, 5) and, like her own children, always gives him a hand-knitted Weasley sweater for Christmas. In contrast to Ron's usual maroon sweater, however, the models for Harry vary (HP1, 12 and HP2, 12 and HP3, 11 and HP4, 23 and HP5, 23).

Similar to Harry, she has too Hermione Granger closed in her heart. As Rita Skeeter however, in Witches Week writes that Hermione is playing with Harry's emotions (HP4, 27), she behaves undercooled towards Hermione for a while and sends her a much smaller Easter egg than the others at Easter (HP4, 29). Harry needs to be cleared up before she is as warm-hearted to Hermione as she was before (HP4, 31).

Due to the family's financial situation, they can often only buy used school supplies for their children (HP2, 4 and HP4, 10). A vacation with the whole family is even less possible, which is why she and her husband traveled alone to Romania on Christmas 1991 to visit their son Charlie (HP1, 12). The following year, the two visit their son Bill in Egyptwhile Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny are spending the Christmas vacation at Hogwarts (HP2, 12). But thanks to the luck that Mr Weasley did the annual in the summer of 1993 awarded Great Gold Prize of the Daily Prophet wins, the whole family can spend the summer vacation in Egypt and a photo of them will appear in the "Daily Prophets" (HP3, 1).

When Ginny is kidnapped to the Chamber of Secrets at the end of Harry's sophomore year, the worried mother immediately travels to Hogwarts with Arthur. But to her great relief, she is able to embrace her daughter unharmed when she leaves Fawkes, Harry, Ron and Lockhart all filthy and slime-smeared in Professor McGonagalls office is brought. (HP2, 16 and HP2, 17)

On August 31, 1993, she and the family stayed at the "Leaky Cauldron", there Sirius Black out Azkaban escaped and apparently left for Hogwarts to kill Harry. The next day she accompanies the children to King's Cross station, where she says goodbye to Harry on the Hogwarts Express, relieved because she is herself sure nothing can happen to Harry at Hogwarts while Dumbledore is headmaster there. (HP3, 4 and HP3, 5)

In the summer of 1994, before the start of the new school year, Mr and Mrs Weasley have a truly full house. The Quidditch World Cup is taking place, and as the final approaches, Harry and Hermione are living in the Burrow as well as their seven children. She has the envelope of the invitation that she previously sent to Harry by Muggle mail Covered all over with postage stampsso - very too Vernon Dursleys annoyanceâ € ”even the postman noticed. To her own chagrin, however, Mrs. Weasley learns that Fred and George are playing a dirty trick on each other Dudley Dursley have allowed. The gag toffees the two Harry's cousins ​​missed, she fetched with one quickly "Accio!" out of all hiding places. (HP4, 3 and HP4, 5 and HP4, 6)

When her loved ones return home unharmed after the Death Eaters' march at the World Cup, she is completely dissolved and embraces the twins in particular, whom she said goodbye to in anger. Just before leaving for King's Cross Station, Arthur receives from Amos Diggory the urgent news that old Auror Alastor Moody Having trouble with his Muggle neighbors, Mrs. Weasley has to take the kids to the Hogwarts Express in a Muggle taxi. (HP4, 10 and HP4, 11).

On June 24, 1995, before the third round of the Triwizard Tournament, when all of the champions were allowed to have family visits, Molly and Bill decided to visit Harry, as his uncle and aunt would certainly not have condescended to do so. You also stay to pursue the third task and thus witness how Harry was murdered with the one Cedric Diggory returns. (HP4, 26 and HP4, 31 and HP4, 35).

Then in the infirmary she finds out how Cornelius Fudge vehemently denied the return of the Dark Lord, and when it came to a temporary rift between Albus Dumbledore and comes to the Minister of Magic, she promises her and Arthur's help to the headmaster. Mrs. Weasley is also one of the few people who learns that night that Sirius Black is an Animagus and Severus Snape sets out to meet the Death Eaters as a spy. (HP4, 36)

Like her husband and her two eldest sons, Molly joined the Order of the Phoenix in early July 1995. In the Order's headquarters, the old Black house at number twelve Grimmauld Place, she makes sure that this is only for a long time Kreacher residential building becomes homely and everyone present is well looked after. When she's busy she forgets that Percy fell out with Arthur and moved out at home. Whenever his name is mentioned, she bursts into tears. And work for the Order is not without consequences. Shortly before Christmas 1995, Arthur was bitten by a poisonous giant snake. He is taken to St. Mungo's Hospital for treatment "Dangerous" - Dai Llewellyn Station for severe bite wounds. However, Molly's muggle healing methods are healers Hippocrates Smethwyck and his intern, Augustus Pye, an absolute thorn in the side. (HP5, 4 and HP5, 9 and HP5, 22 and HP5, 23)

In the summer of 1996 Arthur is appointed by the newly appointed Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, promotes and now heads the "Bureau for the Detection and Seizure of Counterfeit Defense Charms and Protective Items" - which Mrs. Weasley beamedly passed on to Harry, who had just arrived and who was staying with them for the remainder of the summer vacation. It was around this time that Harry's first visit to Fred and George's shop in Diagon Alley took place. About the huge billboard in the shop window of "Weasley's Magical Jokes" she is horrified. At the store, she helps Ginny buy her mini muff Arnold to choose. At Christmas 1996 she also had a lot of visitors in the Fuchsbau again, because besides Harry there is also Remus Lupine for Christmas dinner. Her Christmas presents, which she gets from the twins, are a brand new midnight blue witch hat with star-shaped diamonds and a sensational gold collar. Percy's surprise visit, which is staged by Scrimgeour so that he can talk to Harry in private, ends in a new argument with the family. (HP6, 5 and HP6, 6 and HP6, 16)

Even though headquarters have been vacated for security reasons, Molly is still the good soul of the Order. Order members come to the Fuchsbau again and again when they have time between their work (HP6, 5 and HP6, 16). Worried about Nymphadora Tonkswho looks very depressed after Sirius' death and unhappy with her future daughter-in-law, Fleur Delacour, she's apparently trying to pair Bill with Tonks by taking the young Auror out to dinner. After the fight in the castle with Bill from the werewolf Fenrir Greyback she changes her mind about Fleur because she still wants to marry Bill despite his disfiguring injuries. Mrs. Weasley even offers to see her aunt Muriel borrowing a goblin tiara because it would go wonderfully with Fleur's hair. (HP6, 5 and HP6, 16 and HP6, 29)

At the end of Harry's sixth year, Molly and Arthur and their children attend the funeral ceremony, which Minerva McGonagall, after consultation with the Heads of House, and Rubeus Hagrid for the murdered Dumbledore at Hogwarts. (HP6, 30)

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