Where do you want to spend eternity

What if death comes now ?: Are you ready to face death?

The question of death is inevitable for every human being: young and old, rich and poor, black and white, healthy and sick, masters and slaves.

Nothing is safer than death. It doesn't matter whether you want to think about it or not. Everyone has to face death at some point. However, most people are unaware of what happens to them after death. A person born once in the world has the ability to live forever even after death (John 5:25-29).

Human existence remains a mystery. Its creation as well as its development is a miracle. Scientists know something about the how processes in the origin of life, but not about the why of its existence.

Since humans cannot logically arise from nothing, the question remains - is there a creator? Since the human mind and thinking differ considerably from animals, this means that its existence is to be assessed differently from that of other living beings. No animal, no matter how smart and strong, can come close to rivaling human intelligence. All of this shows us that man is not just any living being, but a being of a special kind.

Have you ever thought that humans will survive the whole galaxy? When the earth, the stars and the sun no longer exist, man is just beginning his endless existence (Revelation 20.11-15; 11Petr.3.9-14).

Man lives forever in an eternity without end. The knowledge of the hereafter has probably preoccupied him throughout his history. Death is only seen as a door to the hereafter. Eternity is as endless as if an ant embarked on a journey to the end of the universe and came back on earth. After making this journey up to the thousandth time, eternity would still be in the beginning.

So then you can imagine how long you will live in eternity. Imagine how a little boy wants to empty the largest ocean in the world with a small cup. How long would it take him to complete this task. The time he would have for this task would have been only a tiny part of eternity.

Hence, eternity is the length of life of an undying god. Man is made for eternity (Matt. 4.4). There is no doubt about it. You will live forever just as God lives forever. After his creation in the womb, the human being then exists forever (Job 19.25-27).

What happens if the doctor declares him dead? Although medically he is no longer alive, he consciously remains alive. Where he will regain his consciousness, there can be a place of joy or a place of suffering (Luk. 16.19-31).

So there is resurrection to life and resurrection to damnation. That may be doubtful! yet it is a shocking truth. Any sinner who rejects real relationship and peace with God before death is in danger of being in hellish fires after death.

But those who decide to make peace with God and claim God's love and forgiveness have the hope of being with God in a heavenly place.

So it remains certain that you will live forever, whether in paradise or in hell - there is no intermediate stage or neutral place. Now there are no ties either. Either you accept God's forgiveness or you remain guilty for all eternity.

You can find yourself on the narrow path to eternal life or you can walk on the broad path to eternal damnation. Man cannot serve two masters. You can only serve God or the devil.

"Vote today"! where do you wanna be after you've met death. where do you want to spend your eternity? Only you can answer these questions. Only you can make the decision.

But if you ignore the invitation, you throw this tract away and close your ears to the word of life. Do you postpone the decision until later and do you continue to live without peace with God? So you have made your decision - namely, Eternal Damnation. This is safer than death for those who want to continue to sin and refuse to repent.

"Make up your mind today" where do you want to spend your eternity - with God in paradise - if this is your decision, then you have to repent now and repent of your sins.

“Whoever denies his sin will not succeed; but whoever confesses it and leaves it, will receive mercy ”. (Prov. 28.13)

Seek the Lord while he is to be found; call him while he's near. The wicked let go of his way and the evildoer from his thoughts and turn to the Lord, so he will have mercy on him and our God, because with him there is much forgiveness. (Isa. 55.6,7)

God wants you to seek him - He wants you to pray to him now and ask his forgiveness for all your sin. Do not try to deny or hide any of your sins. God knows everyone and sees you. He said if you deny your sin, you will fail. You'd rather confess now. Turn away from all your sins and turn to God so that you can receive mercy.

Life with God in Christ is an endless hope, whereas life without God in sin is a hopeless end.

Do you want eternal life in Christ? - God is ready to give it to you if you pray to him.

Suggested prayer: Almighty God, I pray in Jesus name that you will have mercy on me, please forgive me all my sins ... (call sin by name). Your power will keep me from going back to my sins. Please cleanse me of all my sins. I take you as my Lord in my heart. I give my life completely to you. Please make me your child now. Thank you oh lord. Strengthen my faith. In Christ's Name I pray amen.

Please do this now. Then act as urgently and precisely as you would a doctor's prescription. Repent from all sin and ask God to forgive and cleanse you. He will answer you immediately if you pray with faith in the blood of Christ. He will also change your life and set your foot on the narrow path of righteousness and divinity. Then eternity with God in heaven is a sure thing.

Life with God in Christ is an endless hope, whereas life without God in sin is a hopeless end.

"Do you decide today"!

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