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Emily Wiedmann

Emily Wiedmann

Character information

Emily Wiedmann(nee Höfer) has been portrayed by Anne Menden since episode 3114.

Series plot [edit | Edit source]

Emily Höfer is 15 years old at the beginning of the series. She moves to Berlin with her twin brother Philip Höfer and her stepfather Georg Bernhard. Her biological father has not contacted her for years and her mother Lydia Höfer is on a journey of self-discovery. One evening Emily goes alone to the "Mocca", where she meets Tim Böcking and Paula Rapf and becomes friends with them. Shortly afterwards, she falls madly in love with Paula's friend John Bachmann. After an argument with Paula, John sleeps with Emily, but then it turns out that John's father Hannes Bachmann is also Emily and Philip's father. At first Hannes tries to keep this a secret, but in the end he has no choice but to confess the truth. Emily is thunderstruck when she learns that she slept with her half-brother.

After Georg moved to Barcelona, ​​Hannes tries to offer Emily and Philip a new home. To forget John, Emily devotes herself to riding and befriends Nele Wenzel on the pony farm, who is abused by her mother. Later, however, John and Emily sleep together again. Philip hates John so much that he challenges him to a subway run. Emily, Paula and Lena follow them and jump onto the tracks to stop the two boys. When a subway arrives, the five young people can escape into an empty subway shaft at the last second, but are then stuck for several days.

After her liberation by Hannes, Emily banishes John from her heart and falls in love with Tim, whom she makes compliant with pills. After all, she even swallows a pill herself, putting her life at risk. When Hannes and Senta Lemke find out about these incidents, they put Emily under house arrest. Emily becomes stubborn and becomes more and more estranged from her fellow human beings. Only later does she come to her senses and try to reconcile with her family. After Hannes and Senta are killed, there are new arguments between Emily, John and Philip.

Emily starts working as a model. Finally, to cope with the stress at work, she turns to cocaine for the first time. Although she feels bad afterwards, she cannot keep her hands off the white powder and even starts to deal. Soon she also pulls Philips' friend Franziska Reuter into the drug swamp. When Emily and Franzi break into the "pheasant" together to have fun with drugs and alcohol, an accident occurs. When Franzi goes into the kitchen with a burning candle, the gas stove explodes and the entire kitchen is on fire. Franzi is buried under some rubble and Emily can no longer save her.

After Franzi's death, Emily finally tries to renounce the drugs and agrees to go into withdrawal, which, however, turns out to be not that easy endeavor. After an initial relapse, John can persuade his half-sister to go to rehab. After three weeks, however, Emily breaks off the therapy and returns to Berlin because she wants to continue her withdrawal at home. Philip and John, however, doubt their stamina, which leads to friction between the siblings. After all, it is Daniel who takes Emily under his wing and wants to give her new courage to face life. He's also helping her get through the trial.

Some time later, Emily falls in love with Lenny Cöster and has a steady relationship with him. At the same time, she wants to make her dream of becoming a singer a reality. After a few setbacks, she is accepted into the girls' band "Cosmic Chicks", but her bandmates try to force her out of the band. After a canceled press conference, Emily finally has to leave the band. There is also a crisis between her and Lenny. Emily's suspicion that Lenny might be gay ultimately leads to the separation of the two. Then Emily gets involved in a flirtation with Patrick Graf. He uses her to make his ex-girlfriend Jasmin Flemming jealous, and even pays her to play his girlfriend for a while. Meanwhile, Emily tries to resume her music career and wants to make promising contacts through Jasmin's mother Katrin Flemming. However, this goes wrong. Patrick is nurturing Emily's self-confidence after this misery by helping her to believe in herself. The two realize that they have a lot in common and become a couple. Emily is very happy with Patrick and stands by him when he is threatened after some crooked deals. When Patrick decides to go to prison voluntarily to relieve his uncle Jo Gerner, Emily is deeply hit. Horrified that Patrick has decided against her love, she breaks up with him. But Emily cannot forget him.

Shortly thereafter, Emily has a one-night stand with a stranger, whereupon she becomes pregnant from him. Your deepest hope is to raise this child with Patrick. But this wish is suddenly destroyed, as Patrick dies in an accident. After Patrick's death, Emily initially wants to have an abortion, but is held up by Tayfun Badak. She then promises the child to Philip and his wife Ayla Höfer, who have wanted a child for a long time and it just didn't work out. Tayfun and Emily start an affair, but in the end they don't know what the outcome will be. Shortly afterwards she gave birth to her daughter Kate Höfer in an outlet store together with Tayfun. Emily leaves Kate to Ayla after giving birth. Nevertheless, Emily regretted this promise and took it back to herself after a few days. Ayla had also changed Kate's name against Emily's will. Emily underestimated the role of mother and gave back Kate Ayla, so that she even signed the adoption papers. Officially, Ayla and Philip are Kate's adoptive parents. A little later, Tayfun and Emily reconciled again and they started a new attempt at a relationship, whereupon Emily moves into Tayfun's apartment. Tayfun encourages Emily to help her raise Kate because Emily has more and more feelings for her baby. She was also encouraged by her mother Lydia. In fact, Emily brought Kate back, causing Ayla to collapse, deeply sad. She tries to prevent this by telling the youth welfare office that Emily was a drug addict. But even this attempt was of no use, because Emily had already been withdrawn. When Ayla saw Kate in the hospital, she kidnapped Kate and wanted to run off to Turkey with her, but she was caught at the airport.

Shortly thereafter, Emily married Tayfun. The wedding was actually arranged for John and Pia, but because of the complications they wanted to get married alone in Denmark. Ultimately, Leon prevented that and there was a double wedding. Shortly after the wedding, Emily cheats on her. She always liked bad guys and is increasingly fascinated by David Brenner, who is the new event manager in the brickwork. David is a daredevil and one of the things that impresses Emily is to flee the police by car. They start a passionate affair. But what Emily doesn't know. David is threatened by the mafia, he has to pay them back money. He also approaches Emily to get Tayfun's money. After getting around Emily, he takes advantage of her to convince Tayfun to invest in a new club. After Tayfun decides to invest in David's concept, he ends his secret relationship with Emily.

The club project fails, but Tayfun lets David get into the masonry as a partner. Emily now eyes him critically and discovers that David has something crooked going on. At some point it comes out: David brought the Mafia into the masonry - to protect himself: He still owed the Mafia a lot of money. Emily now had to tell Tayfun the whole truth. Tayfun and Leon convicted the Mafia together with David, whereby Tayfun was shot. Tayfun broke up with Emily. After the breakup, Tayfun initially took care of Emily and Kate, but Emily wanted to save the relationship and blackmailed Tayfun into not being allowed to see Kate. Tayfun therefore withdrew all financial support. Instead, he wants to sue for sole custody of Kate - the war of the roses begins.

Emily wins the custody suit for Kate and Tayfun has to pay child support. Emily is back in touch with David and even hooks up with him because she thinks he has changed. She learns of David's plan of revenge against Tayfun and gives David a choice: her love or his revenge. When he rips Tayfun off while playing poker, she realizes he's been betraying her all along. She swears vengeance and wants to win back the stonework shares, which David won earlier. When David at some point also confesses his love for her, she takes advantage of this to win his stonework. She tries to take him to a psychiatric hospital with medication. At least she gets to the point where David issues her a power of attorney for his masonry shares, through which Emily can overwrite his shares. But after David has to go to the hospital because of an accident, David finds out about the drug intrigue. Now he wants to take revenge on Emily and put her in jail. At the last moment, however, he lets go of it.

Emily now realizes what she had in Tayfun and wants him back. Although she makes sure that Ayla, with whom Tayfun is now back together, becomes jealous and that she realizes that Tayfun does not love her as he once loved Emily, so that they even split up. But Tayfun gives Emily to understand that although he still has feelings for her and wants to continue to take care of Kate, he has no confidence in Emily. Professionally, she works with Jasmin. She is a partner in the Tussi Attack label, which Jasmin operates with its own t-shirt design. Jasmin is housed in Emily's shop. When Jasmin uses Sophie Lindh more and more often, Emily becomes jealous. There are several arguments with Jasmin, but both become friends more and more.

At Christmas Tayfun wants to travel with Kate to his grandma in Turkey because she is celebrating her 95th birthday and wants to get to know Kate. Emily seems to be spending Christmas at home, but in the preparations for the festival Tayfun realizes that he wants to try again with Emily. The two become a couple again and Emily makes it a resolution to do everything right this time. Emily is mad at Jasmin because she prefers to spend time with her new partner Frederic Riefflin instead of helping with Tussi Attack. She thinks she should leave Frederic alone because she thinks Frederic had something with Katrin. A few days later, however, when Emily goes shopping in the Spätkauf, she meets Anni Brehme, Jasmin's ex-girlfriend, who wanted to know how she's doing, but she makes a mistake and tells Emily that Frederic is Jasmin's father. Emily is shocked. She herself also has incest experience with John.

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