How much does Airpods 2

AirPods 2 Deals: What's the Best Price for Christmas?

The AirPods 2 are now among the most popular headphones among iPhone users. But, as usual with Apple, the price of the headphones is not cheap in the second generation either. One reason for us to keep an eye out for new offers for the AirPods 2 in this deal overview. Because with the right deals, bargain hunters can still save good money with a little luck and patience.

How much do the AirPods 2 cost?

The official price at Apple for the Apple AirPods is included 174.45 euros (with 19% VAT: 179 euros). The variant with a wireless charging case is available for 223.20 euros (with 19% VAT: 229 euros). Only the new AirPods Pro are more expensive - they cost 271.95 euros (with 19% VAT: 279 euros). However, these prices are undercut in retail. We provide the current best prices for AirPods 2 with or without wireless charging case in the following overview.

Apple AirPods 2: Current offers and prices

For the following AirPods 2 offers, we use an online price comparison to find out who is currently offering the cheapest prices for Apple headphones. To do this, we indicate the next cheapest price, check the availability and arrange the offer in terms of the price development of the past months. Marketplace dealers and auctions are not taken into account. Last update: 17th December 2020.

Apple AirPods 2 (2019) with charging case

  • Lowest Price: 125.75 euros at Media Markt, Saturn and Amazon (including shipping)
  • Next best price: 129.90 euros at OTTO (plus shipping)
  • Historical online low price: 109.17 euros at Media Markt and Saturn on November 27, 2020 (including shipping, Black Friday)

The Aldi-Nord deal for Black Friday 2020 for 107 euros is the historically low price observed by. Online it was the counter offer from Media Markt and Saturn on the same day for 109.71 euros. Most recently, the cheapest price in the region leveled off at around 125 to 130 euros.

Apple AirPods 2 (2019) with wireless charging case

  • Lowest Price: 154.99 euros at OTTO (plus shipping)
  • Next best price: 159.49 euros at Amazon (including shipping)

The price of the AirPods 2 with the wirelessly chargeable case is currently constant at around 165 to 170 euros. There have recently been no major price jumps in offers.

These AirPods alternatives are currently on offer

Many manufacturers are emulating Apple and have launched true wireless headphones on the market to compete with the AirPods 2. Here you will find selected alternatives to the Apple headphones that are currently available at reduced prices:

  • Anker Soundcore headphones on Amazon reduced by up to 31%
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: 109 euros (instead of 184 euros) at Alternate
  • B&O BeoPlay E8: 79.00 euros (instead of 299.00 euros) at Mobilcom Debitel
  • Cambridge Audio Melomania 1: 77.93 euros () at Amazon