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Pedometer app: The 3 best free apps in the test

Spring is just around the corner and most people are going outside more. Because the winter fat has to go down. With your smartphone you can easily measure how many steps you take per day using the pedometer app. We introduce you to the three best free applications for Android and iOS.

Every step counts. Whether you jog or go for a walk - you burn calories, strengthen the cardiovascular system and keep yourself fit. Experts recommend that you take at least 10,000 steps a day. Pedometer apps are a good motivation and show you whether you can really achieve this goal. We have selected and tested the best free applications for you.

Pedometer - Free Pedometer & Calorie Counter: The practical one

A good application for counting steps is the free app Pedometer - Free Pedometer & Calorie Counterwhich impresses with its clear design and intuitive operation. It is particularly practical that the app does not track your steps via GPS, but by means of a built-in sensor. That saves battery! It also measures the calories burned, running distance and time and shows all data in a clear table under the menu item Report.

In your profile you can set how many steps your daily goal is, and what the app will remind you of - if you wish - with push messages. In order to motivate you to run, the application records Successes. This is done between different levels as well Daily steps, days in a row, every dayas well as total distance differentiated. In this way you can always see how many you have already run or how long it will take to the next level. The advertising is annoying with the pedometer app. Unfortunately, they are only available for Android smartphones.

  • Easy handling
  • Clear design
  • successes

This way to your new favorite app Step Counter - Free Pedometer & Calorie Counter:

StepsApp: The uncomplicated one

The free pedometer app StepsApp turns your mobile phone into an uncomplicated step counter. You set your daily goal yourself and then when you open the app you can see how much of it you have already achieved. The calories consumed, the distance in meters and the time used are also displayed. Your results are then visible on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In the Settings Do you also carry your data like Height, stride length, body weight and the Age so that the application can evaluate your performance even better. If you want to use even more functions, you have to update the app to the pro version. This runs without advertising, tracks your calories even more precisely, imports the data from Google Fit and provides you with six different colors that reflect the design of StepsApp make it more engaging.

  • Clear presentation
  • Easy handling
  • Comprehensive performance presentation

This way to your new favorite app StepsApp:

Pacer: Pedometer and weight loss trainer: The diverse one

If you want to track your steps via smartphone, the application is free Pacer: Pedometer and weight loss trainer an excellent option. Because the built-in pedometer tracks your steps throughout the day, regardless of whether your smartphone is in your hand, pocket or backpack. It also records calories, distance and active time. The feature is also practical My trainerthat helps you lose weight. You will receive a plan to achieve your desired weight as quickly as possible. However, full use of this function includes an in-app purchase of EUR 3.49.

We particularly liked the other features of the app. Because she offers under the point Feed a community in which you can exchange ideas with others. This is not only fun, but also motivates at the same time and the lazy sofa days will soon be a thing of the past. In addition, the application instructs you under the menu item Explore towards different events or challenges. There you can either achieve various distance goals as a lone fighter or put together a team in a group challenge with which you master challenges together.

  • Extensive functions
  • Weight loss trainer
  • Events

This way to your new favorite app Pacer: Pedometer and Weight Loss Trainer:

Conclusion - our test result

Each of the pedometer apps presented here fulfills its tasks completely satisfactorily and reliably records the steps you have taken. Pedometer - Free Pedometer & Calorie Counter is ideal for beginners and impresses with its ease of use. StepsApp measures your data precisely and displays it very clearly using various graphics. But our test winner is Pacer: Pedometer and Weight Loss Trainer, because this application has the most extensive range of functions.