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Swiffer floor wiper: test & recommendations (05/21)

Our approach

Welcome to our big Swiffer floor mop test 2021. Here we present you all of the Seifer floor mops that we have tested in more detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the Swiffer floor mop that is best for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. You will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a Swiffer floor mop.

the essentials in brief

  • The Swiffer floor squeegee is a cleaning tool for home use. It is one of the most famous floor wipers that exist.
  • The Swiffer Floor Squeegee can be used to clean different types of floors. You can use it to efficiently clean ceramic, vinyl, wood and other hard floors.
  • Cleaning with a Swiffer floor mop can be done with a damp or dry cloth. These are single-branch wipes, which are usually included in a set.

Swiffer floor wiper test: the ranking

1st place: Swiffer floor wiper starter set

This Swiffer starter set includes a Swiffer floor mop and eight dry floor cloths. The dry cloths are particularly suitable for cleaning wooden, ceramic and vinyl floors.

The set can also be ordered with several towels. You can, for example, choose between towels for pet owners or towels with a febreee scent.

However, there may be price differences depending on the number of wipes ordered. In terms of price, the starter set with the eight wipes supplied is in the lower price range.

2nd place: Swiffer starter set floor wiper

This Swiffer floor mop starter set includes the Swiffer floor care starter set (floor mop + eight cloths), Swiffer Wet moist floor cloths with citrus scent refill pack (24 cloths) and a Swiffer dust magnet starter (handle + cloth).

Customers especially appreciate the ease of use and the smell of the wet wipes.

3rd place: Swiffer Wetjet Broom Spray Starter Kit

The Swiffer WtJet model is a floor mop with a spray function. The set includes the floor wiper with spray device and a 500 milliliter Nettoyante solution.

The set also contains five wet wipes. The floor mop's spray device creates a fine mist for cleaning, which can efficiently remove dirt from the floor.

Buying Guide: Questions To Consider Before Buying a Swiffer Floor Mop

What is a Swiffer Floor Squeegee?

The Swiffer floor mop is a cleaning device for home use - it is one of the most famous floor mops that exist.

The “Swiffer” brand now includes not only floor wipers, but also numerous other cleaning devices. A Swiffer floor mop differs from conventional floor mops in a number of ways.

In the following table we have shown you the most important characteristics of a Swiffer floor mop:

features description
Absorbs 3x more dust and hair Due to its specially developed cloth, the Swiffer floor mop absorbs 3 times more dust, dirt and hair.
Cleans better than a broom Due to the 3D structure of the cloth, dirt and hair are not only better absorbed, but also enclosed. So dirt is not only distributed, but trapped.
Strong against animal hair Animal hair and common household allergens are efficiently absorbed by the thick cloth.
360 ° cleaning Thanks to the flexible rotating head, every corner and every nook and cranny can be reached.

There are already different models of floor wipers from Swiffer. These usually work on the same principle.

There are also models with a water spray device, which also allow you to clean the floor with a damp cloth.

Silvia FrankARD Household Expert
For best results when wiping, surfaces should only be wiped when they are cool. The underfloor heating should therefore be switched off in good time. Therefore, surfaces that have been warmed up by the sun should not be wiped.


How is a Swiffer floor squeegee used?

Using the Swiffer floor squeegee is very easy. The Swiffer floor mop is ready for use in no time at all. Here is a brief description of how you do it:
  • First, put the handle and the mop head together until they click into place.
  • Then place the cloth on the mop head and then the cloth.
  • The edges of the cloth are then folded over the mop head and their corners are pressed into the rubber teeth provided for this purpose.
  • You can start wiping, and when you're done, discard the wipe.

The following video also shows you how to use a Swiffer floor mop:

For which floors is the Swiffer floor wiper suitable?

With the Swiffer floor mop you can efficiently clean ceramic, vinyl, wood and other hard floors.

Depending on the cleaning requirements, you can remove dust, dirt, hair and other contaminants with dry or damp Swiffer cloths.

A Swiffer floor mop is particularly suitable as a household help for quick cleaning. For a main cleaning of the floor, a Swiffer floor mop is not really suitable.

The Swiffer floor mop does not replace the conventional mop here. However, in the following article you can read about which floor mop is best for you:

What wipes are used with a Swiffer floor mop?

You can use the Swiffer floor mop either with a dry cloth or with a damp cloth.

The disposable towels are not cleaned after use - as is the case with conventional floor wipers - but thrown away.

The dry cloth of the Swiffer floor mop has a special structure pattern that even cleans joints more efficiently. In addition, no further cleaning agents are required.

However, you should not use the damp Swiffer floor cloths on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden floors, or on unsealed tiles or carpeting.

What does a Swiffer floor mop cost?

A Swiffer floor wiper is usually supplied or purchased as a set, which not only includes the wiper itself, but also wipes.

Depending on the scope of a set, these can be differently expensive. The prices range from 8 to around 50 euros.

Where can I buy a Swiffer floor squeegee?

You can usually buy a Swiffer floor mop in a supermarket, in specialist shops and online.

This is usually available as a set, which not only includes the wiper, but usually also wipes. You can also buy the wipes alone at a later date in the store or online.

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What alternatives are there to a Swiffer floor squeegee?

In addition to the Swiffer floor wiper, there are similar floor wipers from other manufacturers. These include, for example, the floor wipers from Vileda or Leifheit. These work on the same principle as a Swiffer floor squeegee.

Another alternative to a normal Swiffer floor mop is a floor mop with an integrated spray tank, where you can add water via an atomizer while mopping.

Swiffer also has a floor mop with such a spray function. There are also numerous other models of mops for cleaning floors.

For example, there are also mopping robots - these do the job all by themselves. You can read more about this here:

What are the disadvantages of a Swiffer floor mop?

A Swiffer floor squeegee typically uses disposable towels. These are intended to be thrown away and replaced after each use.

This can lead to a high consumption of wipes. This in turn is associated with high costs. Likewise, you are not good for the environment.

Decision: what types of Swiffer floor mops are there and which one is right for you?

Depending on how a floor is to be cleaned, either a dry or a damp wipe is more suitable. For this reason, depending on the wipe used, you can distinguish between two types of cleaning:

  • Cleaning with a dry cloth
  • Cleaning with a damp cloth

What are the characteristics of cleaning with a dry cloth and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Cleaning with a dry cloth is particularly suitable for dusting and removing hair and lint from the floor.

Due to the electrostatic charge on the fibers, the dry wipes practically attract dirt. However, this cleaning principle only works if the floor is free from moisture.

However, several wipes are required for larger areas. This is because the wiping power of the cloth decreases noticeably after a short time.

  • Suitable for dusting
  • Attracts hair and lint
  • Only possible on dry soils
  • Not suitable for larger areas

What are the characteristics of cleaning with a damp cloth and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Moist wipes are particularly suitable for cleaning smaller areas as well as for occasional use.

The advantage over conventional mops is that the cloth does not have to be immersed in water beforehand. This is because this is already damp.

Cleaning with a damp cloth is particularly practical for acute applications, for example in the case of spilled liquids in the kitchen or dirty footprints.

However, since the damp cloths dry quickly, they are not suitable for cleaning large areas or for cleaning an entire house.

  • It is not necessary to wet the cloth
  • Suitable for acute cleaning jobs
  • Cloths dry quickly
  • Not suitable for larger areas

Purchase criteria: You can use these factors to compare and rate Swiffer floor mops

Type of wipe

A distinction can be made between wet and dry wipes. While damp cloths are more suitable for quick use, dry cloths are especially suitable for dusting.

Did you know that you should be careful not to wipe too wet, especially with laminate and parquet?

If you wipe the floor too wet, the floor can swell due to too much moisture or even mold. In the case of parquet, it is also better to sweep it than vacuum it before wiping it, as otherwise scratches can occur.

In addition to normal cloths, there are also special cloths that you can use, for example, specifically for cleaning a certain type of floor - for example wood and parquet.

Components of the set

A Swiffer floor mop start set usually includes the Swiffer itself and the cleaning cloths.

Depending on the offer, the number of wipes supplied may differ. Often both dry and damp towels are part of a set.

In addition to the floor wiper, some sets also contain a Swiffer dust magnet, which is suitable for dusting surfaces such as shelves or the like.

With some sets, the Swiffer dust magnet for dusting surfaces is also sold.