Chewing sugar-free gum increases my insulin

Increases the risk of chewing gum

´n evening Peter,

I read it (in a women's newspaper ...).


And my wife is in it too.


I like to chew gum
and she says that “eating” is reported to the body by chewing
- whether with sweetener or sugar, i.e. insulin
will be poured out.

So it's not that easy to outsmart your body!
That may be the case at the very beginning, but your body realizes very quickly that what is being chewed is not food and ignores the whole thing

And because I chew all the time, my body would during the
Hours of chewing gum always produce insulin.

If that were the case, you would either get hungry as soon as possible or you would pass over with hypoglycaemia.
I've seen (and treated) a few people with hypoglycemic shock. Not a pretty sight.

My teacher (bio) earlier also said: chewing gum is
"Body fooling" - he would constantly acids and
Produce digestive juices. (So ​​insulin, I think.)

Firstly, it is as unspecific as the four humors of the ancient Greeks and secondly (how old are you?) Teachers used to come up with the most precious things to scare away the students from chewing gum.

Be calm!
Chewing gum doesn't do any of this. And swallowing chewing gum does not lead to constipation, if that should come as an argument