Is computer science a useless degree

Data Science (M.Sc.)

Analyze and structure data correctly: The data science distance learning course will make you a sought-after data tamer of the future.

Nowadays you are inundated with data volumes. Every second, data is provided and measured from a wide variety of sources. Whether in smartphones, smart watches, laptops, machines or cars: digitization is driving this forward. The amount of data provided, i.e. big data, is initially useless on its own. It is only when this data is processed using the right methods that a real benefit emerges. With the Master Data Science in distance learning at the AKAD, you can master these tasks with ease. They bring order and structure to the data chaos and help to visualize and interpret the information obtained.
In addition to “Big Data”, you will also deal with “Machine Learning”, “Deep Learning” and Artificial Intelligence: This master’s degree offers you an important building block for your future career through modern work areas.

Thanks to technological progress and digitization, you can be used as a data scientist in almost any company. Because in the course of your studies you will collect expertise in the areas of programming, algorithms, data structures, software technology and database systems. So you are well equipped for the modern challenges of data analysis in a wide variety of companies and manage the following tasks:

  • Programming and application of apps on mobile devices
  • Evaluation and analysis of IT systems
  • Programming and application of neural networks
  • Analysis of strategic problems in data provision
  • Independent development of evaluation concepts

If you want to position yourself securely for the future and are looking for a varied field of work with modern challenges and structure, the Data Science Master distance learning course at AKAD is exactly the right thing for you.