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Monica Lewinsky is producing a TV series - Guess Who

Bill Clinton is celebrating his 74th birthday today and Monica Lewinsky, his former intern, has - as luck would have it - prepared a present for him. A few words about a big lie and a private affair.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky", a sentence that went down in the history books - and a lie.

25 years have passed since the then 21-year-old Monica Lewinsky took up her position as an intern at the White House. What followed later was the - Warning, bad word! - «Sex scandal» par excellence: your affair with the then US President Bill Clinton.

The then "Mister President" initially denied this. Because he did this not only - and as in the sentence quoted above - in front of the camera, but also under oath, the affair resulted in impeachment proceedings against him.

The married Democrat only came out with the truth when Lewinsky presented the investigators with a royal blue dress - on which there were unmistakable traces of Clinton. Until then, only a few had believed the young woman.

Clinton and #MeToo - or not

Lewinsky has meanwhile assured several times that the affair with Clinton was amicable. The trained psychologist sees the abuse not in it, but in the fact that she became the scapegoat for all of America. For years she was exposed to worldwide ridicule.

The good Bill describes the matter as "the stupidest thing I've ever done" and blames it on the numerous fears, worries and disappointments that he experienced during his time as US President - and with which he obviously so thoroughly did not know how to handle.

How great the damage is that Clinton suffered is arguably arguable. At least the impeachment proceedings were inconsequential. His Hillary forgave him too. Today he is again a welcome guest on various podiums. It seems that America's confidence in its ex-president hasn't been shaken for too long.

The #MeToo movement, in which Lewinsky found a home many years after the affair, couldn't change that. The harassment allegations against Clinton that became known in the 2010s also fell silent.

And then Trump comes into play

The women who uttered them soon became the plaything of another powerful man. So to speak.

In the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump let her appear at his side to raise the mood against his opponent Hillary Clinton. But Trump, for his part, of course, an absolute prime example of respectful treatment of women, should not be the topic here.

Today Bill Clinton is celebrating his 74th birthday and the former intern has prepared a special gift for him: next month the third season of the television series “American Crime Story”, which is all about the Lewinsky affair, is due to appear. Or the Clinton affair, better said.

It was produced by Monica Lewinsky herself. Soon it will be a bit uncomfortable for the ex-president.

With that in mind: Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton! And gälled you, don't forget: honesty actually lasts the longest.

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