What is not to be liked

6 things that sensitive people don't like at all

It is not always easy in this world for those who are sensitive. In contrast to other people, we don't enjoy some things.
on November 13, 2017, 3:32 p.m.

Sensitive, sensitive, sensitive: there are many words for people who feel some things more strongly than others. Whether it's a sentimental film or just someone who comes too close to you in the subway: whoever has several feelers at the same time reacts more sensitively. A little more consideration would therefore often be appropriate. In return, sensitive people are particularly empathetic and considerate.

Here are some things that (highly) sensitive people don't like at all (understandably):

1: noise. Noise. Noise.

The volume is one of those things. Noise pretty much bothers most people, but for those of us who are sensitive, such screeching laughter can cause quite a headache and physical wincing. We just like to be quiet and stress-free. That also means: please, please, please stop that ballpoint pen click!

2: Too much physical contact at the wrong moment

There is always that one friend who wants to hug you all the time - and does it annoy you? Then you are likely to be particularly sensitive to physical closeness. And that's not a bad thing. On the contrary: those who know their own limits go through life more self-determined. So if you know that someone is sensitive, then pay attention and don't stress him or her unnecessarily.

3: Rude and rude people

Anyone who is particularly aware of their surroundings is downright shocked when other people simply ignore certain social interaction rules and, for example, interfere, shout out loud or go up unnecessarily. Absolute no-go.

4: Anything related to group activities

Whether moving together after the fitness center or a professional event full of people you don't know: absolute horror for sensitive people. Three million things are going on in your head at the same time: how do I look, what should I say, why is this and that person looking at me? And so on. Therefore, they often avoid such activities or prepare well for them in order to keep an eye on possible eventualities.

5: When you can't prepare

Here we come to the next point: Surprises, especially in unknown areas, are not something that makes sensitive people happy. They would like to be in control of the situation when they often cannot control their emotions.

6: When you tell them to calm down

Yes, sensitive people cry. Often. This is not because they are fragile, but because they simply feel emotions more strongly. It can be joy, sadness, but also anger. Anyone who has crying and expressing their anger will understand the frustration when someone says, "Please just calm down." That just doesn't work at this moment. Therefore: take it seriously instead of putting it down.