Why are teachers better

Education: Are Women Better Teachers?

Women who wanted to become teachers have never needed a quota for women. Recently they conquered the last male bastion, the grammar school, on their own. There, too, they now form the majority in the teaching staff, as has long been the case in other school types.

The figures from the Federal Statistical Office speak for themselves: almost three quarters of German teachers (72 percent) in the 2014/2015 school year were female - significantly more than ten years ago (67 percent). To compare the proportion of women in politics and business: In the current German Bundestag, 30.9 percent are women, and just 8 percent sit on the boards of the 200 largest companies.

How can one explain the high proportion of women in the teaching profession? The popular opinion is: women usually raise their own children, then dealing with other people's children can not be so difficult. Civil service law reasons are also sought: The service law for teachers makes it much easier than the collective bargaining agreements in industry and administration to reduce working hours, and even to interrupt work for a few years without running the risk of not returning to work afterwards can.

All these explanations, as correct as they may be, ignore the real reason for the success of women in the teaching profession: They simply get along well in this profession.