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Haven't managed to put too much of it in one dish yet. :-)
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Great for the metabolism, unfortunately I don't like it at all, I hate hot. But sometimes I boil a piece of ginger root in hot water and drink it or I take a few drops of ginger in hot water ... close your eyes and through, is healthy.
I love ginger flavor. Regardless of whether it is a piece straight or to season a dish or in a smoothie - ginger always works.
I've read ginger as a good remedy for muscle pain. I tried it and lo and behold it works, of course not immediately like it is with all natural remedies, but taken in the evening (raw or cooked) and the next morning it is much better.
If I notice that a cold is looming, then I like to take raw ginger 1x1x1cm and suck it up until the taste subsides. Then I bite it twice and that long until the taste has disappeared. And it works very well, even if a large part is more of a placebo effect. ; ) You get used to the taste over time and it has a relaxing effect.
if there is one thing I can't eat, it's all ginger-flavored. so gaaaaar not my thing. this taste between hot, bitter and sweet, no. Strangely enough, I like ginger ale, although that could be due to the enormous amount of sugar. ;)
i always cut a few slices in my water - it tastes wonderfully fresh
Crazy;) I love that stuff! Whether snacking a little raw, after a meal or as a delicious tea ... now and then in crystalline form and also as a spice ... very versatile, delicious and above all healthy!
Really great with lemon for ginger tea!