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The best job portals for freelancers at a glance: With this you can easily land suitable jobs

The megatrend digitization has several advantages for freelancers: On the one hand, the order situation is very promising for them due to the enormous demand for digital experts, on the other hand, modern online communication and project management tools create spatial independence, flexibility and a high level of flexibility Ranges. Although important project meetings (e.g. kick-off, final handover) still take place in the context of face-to-face meetings with customers, the acceptance of locally independent "remote" work, e.g. from home, is also increasing in Germany (although this working model is much more widespread in other countries, such as the USA). Of course, this also enables you to work on international projects, for example, without having to accept long stays abroad.

These attractive framework conditions are attracting more and more people to freelance work: In recent years, the number of freelancers in Germany has increased steadily. However, the fact that the demand for IT specialists is still far from being met is shown by their hourly rates, which are increasing from year to year.

According to a current survey by the platform freelancermap, the acquisition of jobs is the greatest challenge for freelancers. It's good that there are numerous online platforms that can make the search for suitable projects and new customers much easier with their large reach. In addition to cross-industry portals, some are specifically aimed at IT experts, e.g. for projects in the areas of app and web development, blockchain, SAP consulting, UX / UI or data science. Designers and specialists in online marketing and multimedia can also find exciting jobs on creative portals.

Some job platforms require an application for inclusion in the database, so that, as a rule, professional experience must be proven in order to be able to find customers or to be able to submit bids for orders. Other portals are open so that (lateral) beginners or part-time freelancers can also apply for projects.

In the following, we have put together an overview of the best job portals for freelancers for you.

The relatively young platform founded in Berlin is aimed to IT specialists, e.g. software developers, tech consultants or UX experts. Apply here after "Reverse Application"-Concept the company among the job seekers. Both job seekers and employers are automatically notified of a suitable match.

the eye
With this one Creative portal Designers, graphic artists, photographers and multimedia experts can both sift through current job offers and formulate their own job searches, create fixed agency profiles and upload portfolios. There is also an exchange platform (e.g. "Exchange photo shoot for text for website"). The portal is also active in Austria, Switzerland, the USA, UK and Spain.

In order to be included in the expertlead pool as a digital expert and to be able to accept orders, an application to the portal is required. Here qualified freelancers are brought together with well-known companies. The focus is primarily on specialists from the areas Blockchain, software development, design and online marketing

The GULP platform, which belongs to the Randstad Group, is focused on the areas IT, finance and engineering specialized. In addition to personnel services, which cover everything from the search for suitable candidates to the handling of the job interview, companies can also actively search the profiles of registered freelancers here. Freelancers can, in turn, browse the project portal for interesting jobs.

Hello Freelancer
HalloFreelancer is a brand of the career network Xing and is owned by over 450,000 registered users Freelancers from all industries to the leading portals of this kind in Germany. An existing Xing profile is required for inclusion in the database. Thanks to HalloFreelancer's algorithm, freelancers automatically receive project offers that match their information and skills.

According to its own information, Fivrr is the world's largest online marketplace for freelancers. There's one here wide range of industries. If you only want to earn something on the side, you can also offer mini projects (e.g. illustrations) for small amounts from 5 dollars. It should be noted, however, that the competition here - especially from low-wage countries - is quite high. As a freelancer, registration and preparation of an offer are free of charge, when an order is placed, a 20% commission is due. For this, Fivrr processes the payment automatically. You can also apply for the »Fivrr Pro« database, in which the talents are characterized by excellent and proven expertise, which is particularly attractive for renowned customers.

On this cross-industry platform Both companies can publish open project orders or positions and freelancers can post profiles and job searches. Over 140,000 freelancers are already registered here, for whom two membership packages are available: The basic version is free, the »Expert« version with extended functions costs between 12.50 and 17 euros per month.

The freelancermap portal is aimed at clients and highly qualified freelancers from the IT and engineering areas. Specialists can create a profile here free of charge and be contacted by interested clients or actively look for suitable projects.

project work
At projektwerk you will find experts from all industries interesting project assignments. There are four price levels available for creating your own profile or contacting potential clients - the basic version is free of charge.

Top valley
According to its own information, this international portal provides the "Top 3%" of the best talents in the fields Software development, design, finance, project and product management to well-known companies. In order to receive job offers as a freelancer at Toptal, your own curriculum vitae is checked. Several years of proven professional experience is required.

According to the company, twago is Europe's leading placement platform for freelancers. Above all, are registered here IT experts, but also Designers and copywriters. Freelancers can create a profile or application here free of charge. To actively apply for open projects, so-called »credits« have to be purchased and when an order is placed, a service fee of between 7 and 10% is due, depending on the chosen package. The immediate payment of the completed order is guaranteed at twago via an escrow service.

Uplink is aimed specifically at IT freelancers, and the platform's service is also geared towards their needs: Here there is no public profiles and thus no annoying contacts from so-called »IT recruiters«. Instead, the job offers are selected by uplink and you only receive suitable project proposals. An application is required to be included in the freelancer pool.

With over 9 million registered users, Upwork is one of the largest international portals for Techies, IT experts and web workers. Here, the freelancers actively apply with their bids for advertised projects - mostly smaller, clearly defined projects. Registration is free for freelancers. You should keep in mind that many skilled workers from low-wage countries apply for the jobs at Upwork - mostly on significantly more favorable terms than is usual in Germany. But as a temporary solution or to get small orders or to get first references, this platform can be worthwhile.

At WorkGenius, both professional freelancers as well as students without work experience. After registration, the CV is analyzed by WorkGenius and you automatically receive suitable job offers that can be accepted immediately - without prior application and negotiation with the client. The more jobs you successfully carry out, the more demanding the project offers become. Numerous industries are represented at WorkGenius, in particular software development, SEO, online marketing, translation, editing and design.

We Work Remotely
For freelancers and Digital nomads, the spatially independent want to work, this international platform is a good place to go. We Work Remotely comes from the creators of the well-known project management software »Basecamp« and lists jobs around the world in areas such as software development, design, finance, copywriting and project management. The portal is free of charge for freelancers.

The principle of Yeeply: Within one closed network, in which specialists and agencies are only accepted after a suitable application, should be comparatively demanding jobs for certified experts from the fields App andWeb development, marketing and design mediated.

The market study »Freelancer-Kompass 2019« shows the current developments and trends regarding the financial situation, the job description and the order situation of freelancers and gives an outlook for the coming years. More on this in our interview "Best prospects for freelancers: Market study shows a clear upward trend in the freelance sector"