Is there halal food in the US?

USA: Halal is a $ 20 billion market

The demand for halal food is growing steadily in the USA. The products now generate sales of US $ 20 billion there. And the boom continues. The street food chain The Halal Guys is expanding worldwide at a breathtaking rate.

This year, all companies that sell Halal products in the US, such as restaurants and supermarkets, will generate more than 20 billion US dollars, reports "Bloomberg". Compared to 2010, this is an increase of 33 percent.

Where does the growth come from? According to the news agency, the Muslim population is growing very quickly and younger consumers in particular are open to trying new types of food. Adnan Durrani, CEO of the American Halal Company, says that 80 percent of customers would buy his Saffron Road branded products because of their good quality and not for religious reasons.

Another success story is the snack chain The Halal Guys from New York, which now has more than 200 shops worldwide. And expansion continues: She recently searched the Internet for employees for a new restaurant in South Korea.

Around 3.3 million American Muslims currently live in the United States. Their number is expected to rise to 8.1 million by 2050.